Saturday, January 7, 2012

Papa is a son of the beach

A wise person once asked papa, "How would you feel if I picked you up and moved you to Oregon?" He just laughed in her face, but I think Papa would be real happy to be transplanted in Oregon. As long as it was on an Oregon beach. Papa's a real beach bum at heart. He tolerates Disneyland, just biding his time,waiting for his day at the beach!
The tide pools at Cabrillo Beach

The poor little sea hare that Papa so carelessly uprooted from his home!
The tide pools were great until... least 200 students arrived to share in our adventures!

Rex braves the water

Asher, our little Beach Bum

Jordin loved the sand. The water, not so much!

Bay Watch flashback!

It's funny how the cool saltwater breeze erased all boundaries. Everyone played together.

The lovely Danii

Beautiful beach babes...

another babe...

..and the most beautiful babe of all!

Korbi is a Rae of sunshine

Sweetie Pie Kamryn

This kid has fun wherever he goes! 

The perfect end to our perfect Thanksgiving!

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