Tuesday, August 28, 2012

24 hrs.... 13 people... ONE... Survivor!

As I mentioned in the last post, we were just minding our own business, watching a video of Survivor highlights and someone started pounding on the door. To our surprise there stood Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor. He told us we had been selected to appear on the next seasons show and it was starting NOW! We were told to grab anything ESSENTIAL we might need over night (not pillows and blankets, etc.) and to meet him out front in five minutes. We were then escorted to Gramma Luvlee Island where the sun was just setting. I thought the kid's might be a little freaked out because all this came as a complete surprise to them, but they were SOOO excited!

Jeff handed out the buffs and explained how they would work as teams.

This was our logo -used on Jeff's cap and the flags

The Red Team Buff up

The "Buff" blue team

Jeff explained how each season of Survivor names the teams from the language of a tribe on the island. In our case we chose the Apache language. The red team was Gosnih-Apache for bee, an insect found on the island. The blue team was called Golizhi-Apache for skunk, also found on the island and something they needed to be aware of as they trekked off to the bathroom at night!

To acquire their supplies, each member of the tribes had to stand in a large circle. At a signal each one grabbed a small muslin bag and ran back to their spot to read it out loud.

On the next round they had to put down their bag. They could then take a bag from the other tribe or grab another bag from the center. Their shelter and creature comforts were all contained in those little bags so some members guarded coveted items. Included in the supplies were: tarps, ropes, lantern, TP, flashlight, tent stakes, hammer, blankets, pillows, shovel & black plastic (for the potty), cookies, candy & gum. As expected the little guys went straight for those last items!

Unloading supplies

Some tribe members paid close attention to the Survivor Video and realized that they could sneak supplies when no one was watching, hence the look of defeat on Korbi's face when she realized their shovel went missing!

After all was said and done both teams came together
and shared all the supplies, even the goodies!

Two of the dad's came early to supervise the shelter building
and to stay on the island overnight.Yeah for them!!!
(They had their own camp apart from the tribes. Far enough away that the
 tribes felt independent but close enough for comfort if needed!)

We took the four littlest campers home after building the shelters (TOO SCARY!)
and we brought back pillows, blankets and snacks to our Survivors because they were such
good sports about the whole roughing it thing.

Trying out the shelter

We made it through the night!

They had a blast and want to camp out again next year!

Happy campers are we having fun beneath the trees!
Camp GrammaLuvlee, Camp GrammaLuvlee, Camp GrammaLuvlee, CAMP!!!

More Later!
Gramma Luvlee

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make it work!

After watching a very edited video clip of Project Runway, the designers were meet by that German Fashion Icon, Heidi.

"Hello ! For you 12 designers, Project Runway is the chance of a lifetime. At stake for the winner: an old copy of Marie Claire magazine and a 100 Grand bar to eat while starting your own clothing line."

"First you must select your model. You have one hour to design her ensemble and then you must take her to the L'Oreal Make up salon and TRESsemme Hair salon within your time frame to create an overall look that will impress the judges. And be sure to use the "Riper Lime" fashion wall thoughtfully!"

Riper Lime Fashion Wall

"For today's modern woman, "Green" is the new black. Women all around the globe are getting back to nature. As a true natures child, dress your model totally organic! You may use any material found in nature. The only exceptions are tin foil or tissue paper for the dress form and glue dots." The designers were given cute little Mood bags to go out and collect their materials.

A "model" with the Mood bag

The designers were very creative in their use of materials.

They used plants, flowers and even sticks.

Tuff got some expert advice from a fashion whiz!

Shea skipped the nature stuff and went straight to accessories!

The Runway

"Hello designers. Welcome to the runway.
As you know in fashion, one day you're in the next day you're out!
Welcome our illustrious panel of judges."

"A devoted fan of People magazine,
 reading the Oscar Fashion Issue from cover to cover in under and hour, Jo Jo!"

"This star of the fashion world has been successfully dressing herself since the 3rd grade,
lets welcome, Cassie!"

"Having personally amassed a Barbie collection of over 500 pieces, our expert on that American Icon, Mandy Pandy AKA Barbie Girl!"

The runway show

And the winner is..
...it's a tie between Tuff & Korbi!

These designers will set fashion on fire!

Duct Tape Fashion

Everyone fashioned accessories from duct tape.
 I found rolls of various designs and they created belts, wallets, bracelets and even a purse.

Boas & Bling Dinner

To celebrate the end of our fashion day, of course we decorated dinner with a little bit of
glamour and bling. We enjoyed chicken cordon bleu, rolls and raspberry parfaits.

Blinged Out Raspberry Parfaits

After dinner we decided to go ahead and watch our introductory Survivor video because we have a full day planned for tomorrow and we need to start early. The kids were fascinated by the video and very surprised when the video ended and the theme music for Survivor began blaring in the room. Just then someone pounded on the door. When they answered it, there stood the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst....
to be continued!

Gramma Luvlee

Friday, August 17, 2012

America's Next Top Model

As the reality stars walked through the television on Wednesday they were greeted by the rousing chorus of  the America's Next Top Model theme song and the wonderfully choreographed antics of Tyra (super model) and Miss Jay (runway coach extraordinaire)!

The potential models got right down to business.
Only minutes after arriving they received their first highly anticipated...

...Tyra Mail!!!  (Squeal)

Walk the walk!

Miss Jay (Runway Coach Extraordinaire!) demonstrated some famous runway walks.
It's important to come up with your own signature walk. The strut that will make you famous.

This walk should make someone famous!

Walk this way!!!

Tuff's signature pose at the end of the runway.
He's got a little bit of his daddy in him!

After creating their walk they had to then perfect it in heels.

and then in heels and...


I'm So Emotional!
The models tried walking to different types of music, changing their walk to fit the mood of the song. They were then taught that different photo shoots have to convey different feelings. They practiced by displaying an assortment of emotions. Among them were...



ANGER! and...


Smize Challenge
Along with her famous "smize" (smiling with your eyes), Tyra also taught the
contestants  about her famous "Booty Tooch" and always presenting angles to the camera.

And here they are, America's Next Top Models

The Photo Shoot Challenge

Each team took everything that they had learned that day and put it to good use in this challenge. Each team chose a product to endorse, a season of the year to represent and an overall concept.

Team Summer

Team Winter

Team Spring

Team Jordin

A Hair Raising Challenge

One of the most anticipated episodes on ANTM is the dreaded Hair Make-Over. Each of our teams did a hair make-over on one of their members. They each chose a boy with fairly long hair.

To that hair the stylists applied shaving cream.


and sculpted.

Then they added glitter...

and glitz ...

Some calming feathers...

...and just about anything else they can find the the craft box!

And Voila!...

We have Supermodels!!!

To end this portion of the day, the models had a very model-like lunch. They picked at veggies and dip, yogurt parfaits, hummus & pita, fruits, salads and iced water with lemon slices.

Ta Ta Tyra!

Gramma Luvlee