Saturday, August 11, 2012

The World Is Waiting For You

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a reality game show where teams race each other throughout multiple countries using many different means of transportation. Each country has a competition based on the traditions of their region. At each stop the team must find the Route Marker Box which holds the clues and directions  to the next leg of the journey.

The Route Info is clues directing the team on where to go next. My clues included specific addresses, clues in the form of a riddle and directional clues (ie. go North 1.6 miles and turn East).

Detours give the team the option of choosing between to tasks, each with it's own pros and cons. The options are presented based on rhymes or puns like Eggs or Legs. The team can switch tasks without penalty if they can't complete it.

A Road Block is a task that only one team member can perform. Each team member may only complete one Road Block in the course of the game so they have to choose wisely.

I used the templates on Chica and Jo's Blog. The envelopes I made by gluing the Amazing Race black strip onto gold paper. 

The World IsWaiting For You.
Good Luck.
Travel Safe.

Each team received Amazing Race Buttons, Official Water Bottles, a Local Map, and Compass.
The host handed each team the first Route Info clue and they were off!

The drivers had a basic idea of where they were going but couldn't give any hints. The teams weren't from this town so they really had to rely on the chosen "Navigator" to get them to the right place.

The teams were always staggered between two or three locations so that those running that leg of the journey wouldn't have to be waiting all day for the teams to arrive. Each Route Marker Box had both teams clue in it. They had a colored dot indicating which team the clue was for and what leg of the journey it was for that team.

Water Bottle Labels

The Netherlands
They searched for and found the Route Marker Box and then they were met by a gracious Dutch lady in costume who welcomed the travelers to her country. In the box they found these clues:

Detour - Welcome to the Netherlands, which is sometimes called Holland. This is a low-lying country known for it's windmills & colorful tulips.
Holland's tulip crop is being threatened by a devastating blight! Help them by searching among the iconic flowers for those with root rot.
 Your team must pluck out 5 of these diseased plants. Sound easy? Well, not so much! The tulip plucker is blindfolded and directed by the remaining members of their team, and because of the disease he can't actually touch the plant, he has to use a grabber.

For each team I cut out 30 simple tulip shapes from bright cardstock and hot glued them onto green plastic forks. On five of them I colored the tines (Roots) black with a permanent marker. These were stuck in the ground in two different areas for the two different teams. 

Detour -

Cut Cheese
Say Cheese

Holland is a dairy rich country famous for it's delicious cheese!
Four out of six (I had to do this because of food allergies) team members will sample and eat 5 types of Cut Cheese
all the team members will dress like Dutch girls and hand out tulips at Short Stop where they will Say Cheese and be photographed!
Teams may change challenges if needed.

I found five of the stinkiest cheeses known to man(Bleu, feta and really strong swiss cheese included!) and sadly both teams gobbled them down!
There was NO Way they were dressing up in the cute little braided Dutch bonnets I so lovingly created. They even convinced the tiniest travelers to eat them!

Who would have guessed? Asher loves bleu cheese!
After completing this Detour the travelers were given the
Route Info for the next leg of the journey. It said:

On an African safari you'll likely see
monkeys and chimps up in a tree.

We may not have vines where
they can cling
but we do have some bars
and even a ______.


They went to the park where they were met by a big game hunter in costume. After locating the Route Marker they found this clue.

Detour -
Sannu, and welcome to Africa!

Africa is famous the world over for it's game preserves and magnificent wild life.
 You and your team mates are lucky enough to be going on safari!

Round up the big game by digging in the sand (the volleyball court) and finding a bag with your teams color. After you have secured the bag, run to a designated spot and assemble the puzzle, revealing which of Africa's famous animals you've bagged. Take a picture of your team acting like that animal.

We didn't get any pictures of our wonderfully costumed hosts because while the drivers were video taping they asked the hosts to take pictures. OOPSEY!

After they finished this challenge they read the Route Info.

New York City

Detour -
Welcome to The Big Apple, New York City,
home of the Statue of Liberty and Broadway!

No one drives in New York. The traffic is horrendous!
So hail a cab and finish the race.

Choose a taxi driver and his fare for each of the cabs
then hold on to your seats as we rocket
through the streets of New York!

In this challenge cabs race each other through the hazardous streets of NYC. Two people enter each cab and drive through the obstacles of a NYC street. The twist is, after they choose who the driver is, the driver is blindfolded and the cab is directed by the backseat driver.The team competes against each other to get to the finish line first without crashing into each other or the construction obstacles. I was a construction worker with a hard hat, orange vest and stop sign who directed traffic.

I made the cabs from boxes.

We put pieces of wood in each box then screwed them together to form the body of the cab.

By the time the red team got here there was a torrential downpour which cut their race short and completely destroyed the cabs and all the signs and obstacles. When the teams finished the course the next clue said:

Road Block -

Only one person completes this task.

Give me Liberty
Give Me Death!

One person will stand on the corner with the Town Sign. They will dress like the Statue of Liberty and wave at cars for 5 minutes
They will choose Death by chocolate by drinking small cups of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup until they find two "I heart NY" symbols in the bottom of the cups.

                                                                        Red Team
Korbi volunteered to take the Death by chocolate
even after seeing the tray with 25 medicine cups full of chocolate syrup.

What's the big deal!
Korbi drank 3/4 of the cups beore finding both "I heart NY" symbols.
She said she was fine then. We'll check back with her later!

Blue Team
The blue team chose Liberty, with Kamryn taking one for the team!

Our lovely Lady Liberty!


Buying bread from a man from Brussels
Six foot four and full of muscles.
I said, "do you speak a my language?"
He just smiled and gave me a veggimite sandwich!

If you hail from the Land Down Under your favorite
 lunch is made with this yummy concoction, Veggimite!
2 team members will work together to make the sandwich
(generously slathering the spread), each only using their left hand.
They will evenly divide the sandwich and then will race and
feed it to the remaining team members who will eat it all and love it!

Jett cringes while Pace just hurries and washes it down!

Korbi's stomach of iron is beginning to fail her.

Merrill's comment was, "how did Grandpa ever eat this stuff?"
His Grandpa hails from The Land Down Under.

After completing this challenge the teams received the next card.


Eggs OR Legs

The platypus, a semi-aquatic animal from Australia is the only mammal to lay eggs. This odd looking, mixed up creature is also duck billed,venomous, beaver tailed and otter footed!

Search among the platypus nest until you find two of his hard cooked Eggs. How do you find them, you may ask? By each player cracking one on their forehead until you find the boiled ones
Use your Legs by 4 out of 6 members of your team hopping like a kangaroo at least 7 consecutive times on a pogo stick.
You can change challenges if needed.

For some reason we didn't get pictures of this challenge. Their were two straw nests hidden in the yard. In each was a dozen raw eggs and two hard boiled. They took turns cracking them on their heads until the two hard boiled eggs were found. Baby wipes were provided!


The Legs part wasn't as easy as it sounded. This took quite a while to accomplish.


In the envelope at this stop they had another white envelope with their team color on it (it contained the money) and a calculator.


Welcome to China.
Find the total cost for you team (driver too) to patronize this establishment.
 Give the cashier that amount and they will give you the next clue.

That clue said:
Congratulations on finishing the first half of your journey.
You deserve a break. Enjoy your lunch in China!
Each team had to find out the cost for each traveler to eat. Each was different because of their ages. Once they got the same total (with tax) as the cashier they received their clue.

This is where Korbi's tummy finally got the better of her. She sat there
miserable while everyone else enjoyed their meal. So Sad!!

More on our travels later,
Gramma Luvlee


  1. Wow this looks like so much fun! Great ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing this fun party on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love the taxi, so creative!