Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whose food will reign supreme?

One of our favorite show to watch is Iron Chef America. The chefs on this fast paced and quirky show never cease to amaze us with their imagination and speed. In our version, the two teams will be judged on plating, originality and use of the secret ingredient. They will have one hour and fifteen minutes to prepare three entrees using the secret ingredient, with extra points awarded to any team who can also produce a dessert.

And the secret ingredient is...
Ramen Noodles!

And in the words of my Uncle,
Allez Cuisine!
Blue Team
The blue team, lead by Danii plans their menu. They were able to use anything in the pantry, a table with fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked rice and pasta, condensed soups, tortillas, breads, meats, sauces, spices and many other kitchen staples.

Their kitchen used the stove and half of the kitchen counter for prep work.

The two older chefs were very patient with their little prep cooks. They made sure they had supervision and were safe but also let them know how valuable they were to the team. It was very impressive to watch.

Rex's idea for a dessert was implemented with great results!
He came up with a dessert made from chopped apples with melted
carmel and a topping of nuts and crushed raw ramen noodles.

When they finished the older two ran over and hugged the younger two and said, "we couldn't have done it without you". Wow, that did this Gramma's heart good!

Red Team

The Red Team was lead by Merrill who has learned his considerable
cooking skills working beside his dad. It was fun seeing his excitement as he created the menu.

A little Martinellis Sparkling Grape Juice makes everything taste better!
The red team used the grill and a table in the kitchen for prep work.

The prep cooks ran their little legs off chopping and gathering pantry supplies.
It was really inspirational watching the cooperation and the encouragement.

The Judging

Our panel of illustrious judges, who I might add, have all been eating for many years,
put their prized palates to the test and did an exceptional job of judging...
"Who's Team Reigned Supreme."

With bated breath the Red Team waited for the judges reaction to their...

Regal Rice with Martinelli's.
The judges asked for the recipe!

Ramen Noodle Burrito Surprise.

Deep Dark Decadent Pudding.

A confident group of chefs!

The Blue Team

Of course the Chairman asked them, "What was the inspiration for your menu today?"

And of course they had a witty reply which I can't remember for the life of me!

Among their culinary creations were...
Noodles in cream sauce with oysters and mushrooms.

Around the world Burrito.

Rex's Carmel Apple Crunch.

Rex shared his insight to his dessert.

Both kitchens nervously await the outcome of the judges decision.

After MUCH deliberation the judges made a shocking decision and awarded the coveted title of
Iron Chef America
to ...
all the chefs in both kitchens!
The judges really couldn't decide because the food was really that good! We were all soooo impressed with both kitchens and the leadership and cooperation that took place there that day.

This was probably the best day we had all week because the kids were so excited about their creations and the fact that they really could come up with a menu and carry it out. They were very proud of themselves afterwards, saying that they couldn't believe they actually did it! We all feasted on the chefs creations for that night's dinner and everyone was so complimentary to each other. It was a Gramma's dream!

Gramma Luvlee

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