Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our home IS our Castle!

Of Royal Birth

The kids enjoyed a peasants lunch of pocket sandwiches, so called because the workers kept them in a pocket then took them out to eat at meal time. They also enjoyed cool cider from a jug. As they sat beneath the shade of a tree we talked about names and how they were derived. Porters were the ale makers for the king, Millers ground the flour, John's son became Johnson. Although we ate a peasants lunch we were actually of Royal birth!
Years ago while going through my Grandmothers geneology I found a sheet of paper with a partial lineage back to Charlamagne. After a little digging around I was able to fill in the blanks and make a complete 17 page report for each child tracing them back to Charlamagne, Charles the Great.
It was fun to thumb back through time and see all the Kings and Queens in our family tree.
The report was made on a program at Heritage Maker

Princess and the Pea

Since we now know we are Royal we should expect to have super
sensitive skin like the title character in "The Princess & the pea".

Pillows are lined up in a row and the "royals" sit on each and try to detect where the pea is.

Everyone who found the pea was crowned with a priceless golden crown!

Let the punishment fit the crime

Lady Laughsalot
Arrested for jousting unbecoming a lady

Sir Bubble of Bath
Arrested for a very good impersonation of King John

Sir Frank of Furter
Arrested for dirty mouth (and cheeks!)

Sir Canta of Lope
Arrested for pilfering cookies

Let the feast begin

King John makes an appearance

Everyone ate off of trenchers, an unleavened bread that served as plates.

They dined on a variety of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits and juices.

The social elite are sometimes refered to as the "Upper crust". In medieval times those of high social standing were served the "upper crust" or top slice of the bread that sometimes had a flower or decoration painted on it. Korbi show where she stands in society, having been served the "upper crust" of the bread.

Our trashy castle - made from all sorts of trash.

Papa arrived home just in time to be knighted and to join in the festivities.

The Royal Ball

I told the kids a story about knights and castles and how the knights were invited to the dances held there. I mentioned that the knights were on their very best behavior and asked the ladies to dance, hoping to woo them and eventually marrying into the royal family. This worked very well, the little boys tried very hard to impress the girls and win their favor!

The festivities were overseen by the Royal Family.

Someone's bound to get hurt when knights insist on swing dancing in their shiny armor!

What Royal Looks Like

Some say Royalty puts on airs
Think they're better then the rest
Some say they're rich and snobbish too
and have a family crest

That may be true but I can say
that I can surely trace
the noble brow and royal look
upon a babies face

The treasures of the earth belong
to every King who rules
but diamond and gems can never replace
our precious "family" jewels

The knights of old were brave it's true
with deeds done by the dozen
But no one stands as dashing and tall
as when dancing with his baby cousin!


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still Workin'

"Favoring" the Knights

Our dashing knights await the start of the tournament

In days of yore the Ladies of the castle would give a "favor", a small token of esteem to her favorite knight as he rode off to battle or before he participated in a tournament. Here our Ladies "favor" their "favor"ite knight.

The Tournament

When not at war the Knights challenged each
other to keep their fighting skills sharp.

Jousting knights

Before the tournament each knight designed his own coat of arms from felt shapes and glued them to his tunic. They also designed and colored cardboard shields and received some sort of weapon of war.

The Ladies decided sitting around looking pretty wasn't all it
was cracked up to be, so they got in on the action!

I wouldn't mess with these girls!

Storming the castle

The Knights (and their friends) had to jump on their trusty steed...

...attack the castle with canonballs...

...slay the dragon guarding the captives...

...go to the dungeon and open the cells...

...and rescue the fair damsel!

All these proceedings took place under the watchful eye of the Queen. She always travels with a chest of gold and jewels in case of an emergency or a really great sale! While cheering on the contestants a very large and very ugly dragon swooped down and grabbed her treasure!

Dragon Slayers

The ugly brute carried the gold to his lair.

The Queen's loyal subjects worked in pairs to try and recover it.

One would divert his attention while the other recovered.

Lady Total de Saster delivers the gold to the Queen!

Gramma Luvlee