Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our last night at sea

I know, I know, you never want this magical cruise to end. But don't despair, tonight just might be the most unforgettable event so far!

The Invitation:

This, along with cruise tickets, went out to all the dad's and to our special friends, the Gilliams.

Once again, we pulled into port to pick up "special" guests. We love the Gilliams, they were dressed to impress (Dennis even rented a tux!) and ready to party on the Love Boat!

They were greeted by the ship's crew.
Left to right: Doc, Julie McCoy, your Cruise Director, Captain Stubing, and Issac, your bartender.

The Ships horn blasted, the music started...

... Isaac, your bartender served the drinks,...

...and then steered the boat! Where's the Captain!!!
Julie informed us that we would be dropping anchor in Paris again. Where once again...

...we were met by that overbearing French guy!

The new cruisers thought he was hilarious, which really amped up his performance!

After fully insulting everyone, he escorted us back to that little French Market.

At the market we enjoyed the same food we had days before... some of the International favorites we enjoyed in the other Ports of Call.

Pretty Parisian picnicers

At least when he's eating, he can't insult anyone!

Our valued cruisers

I do love a man in uniform!

The Entertainment
Since it was the last night on board, the cruise line provided lavish entertainment. We were thrilled by the moves of an International dance troupe. It's a night we won't soon forget!

Bollywood Dancers from India

These girls did such a great job! The music and the dance made you want to get up and Bollywood!
(in fact, later on some did!).  They learned this in about one hour, very impressive!

The Chinese Dragon Dance

The beating of drums filled the night air and suddenly a dragon appeared!

The Chinese Ribbon Dance

When the drums subsided, the crowd was favored with the beautiful ribbon dancers.

The Mexican Hat Dance

Arriba! Arriba!

Irish Step Dancing

The haunting tunes of Ireland closed out our show.

And that concludes our cruise boys and girls. We hope you have enjoyed travelling with us. If you have, be sure and tell all your friends and family. We'll see you next year, when our theme will be...

I can't tell you silly! It's a secret!

Gramma Luvlee

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