Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines 2011

  I adore the holidays! I inherited that love from my Grandma Hale. She made every holiday special for my mom as she was growing up. One Easter Grandma even went so far as to place a live rabbit in their house so my mom would think it was the Easter Bunny who delivered the colored eggs. Well, we all know the real Easter Rabbit would never poop all over the house and have a breakdown and run like crazy so no one could catch it!
  My mom told me stories of Grandma trudging through the snow with her on her back to deliver Valentines to her friends and neighbors. Back then they would place the Valentine on the doorstep, knock and run. We still do that at my house today!

We had a luvlee celebration this year at my house. It was the first weekend trip Jori was able to make after her surgery, so we were all a little giddy!

Cousins Pedicures

We had to be looking pretty for our special Valentine dinner, so everyone grabbed a partner and exchanged pedicures.

Uncle Adam does a mean pedicure!

A "Love"-ly Dinner

The kids decorated and set their own table.

They enjoyed prime rib, love knot rolls, and veggies.

Since three of our adult family members were missing,
 Danii & Merrill were promoted to the "Big" table. Lucky for them, they
got to add on the yummy strawberry goat cheese salad and lobster tail.

All my lovin', I will send to you-u-u!

I wasn't able to be with my sweetie for a few years on Valentine's day, so I made him a Valentine he could open every day for two months while I was away. I painted a mailbox and decorated it with love stickers then I wrote out a line from the Beatles "All my lovin' " and told him while I was away i'd write home every day. I wrapped up lots of little gifts and placed them in the mailbox. Everyday he found a gift and a little love note to let him know I was thinking of him.

Valentine's Day Wall Pictures

Gramma Luvlee

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