Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Egypt - part 2

Who's your Mummy?

Merrill, our resident Egyptologist, taught us everything we could ever hope to know about mummys.

He explained in great detail about organ removal, hooks through the nose, the basics!

Then we all got to practice on some poor unfortunate deceased Barbies!

Cleo's Barge

Cleo took a little ride down the Nile on her Golden Barge.

Our Egyptian Explorer lunch

Dinner with the Queen of the Nile

Our Egyptians decked out in their finery. The jewelry was painted
cardstock and looked very authentic.

The little Egyptians wore muslin tunics, jewelry and eyes made up with kohl.

Our dining pavillion was a shiny oasis of gold.

We ate things Egyptian children may have eaten hundreds of years ago...

...flat bread, figs, dates, grapes, grilled meats, hummus, and cheeses.

The Mummy's Revenge
That night the older kid's tried to fulfill their promise to a heartless mummy, by going out into the dark Egyptian night searching for his heart. Rumor has it that an evil Pharaoh and his daughter are in possesion of said heart. They feel that if they can hold on to it, they will be immortal!

Arizona Brown was their guide through the dark desert night. The first clue said:

1) It's the Mummy's Revenge, the night of the living dead.
    Find the first clue 'neath the steps of the SHED.

The clue was hidden under the steps of a hundred year old, dilapidated shed. They had to reach through spider webs and rubber mice to get it. The door was ajar with eerie music playing and a glow peeking through the crack from glo-sticks. The second clue read:

2) The scarab beetle protects the dead.
   Show that you're brave, bite off it's HEAD.

They then searched among the mummys until they each found a marshmallow filled beetle candy. After eating it a mummy rose up and gave them the third clue which said:

3) A poor lost traveler in the desert groans
  The next clue lies 'neath his dried out BONES.

In a sandy spot, in a grove of trees they found a dismembered skeleton. Spooky music played while they sifted through his bones for the clue.

4) A blessed oasis where they water their flocks,
just watch out for the hungry CROCS.

They searched and found a rock lined pond with lily pads, glowing light, swamp music and fog. As they watched a croc came through the reeds and through the water. The clue was on his belly (but don't worry, he was inflatable). That clue said:

5) The next clue is within your grasp.
Find the snake pit and the quivering ASP.

This was a buried bowl of slimy clear gelatin full of slimy snakes. They had to fish around and find the clue that was in a ziploc bag. It read:

6) Grab hold of the rope and swing over the water,
just beware of the evil kings DAUGHTER.

They grabbed a rope and swung over the pool and as they reached the other side a deranged Egyptian Princess came screaming towards them yelling that," he's here! he's after us! I'm sorry, really sorry!" As she fled she dropped the clue which said:

7) Our plan it was so very grand,
'til I turned my head and he chopped off my HAND.

The Princess screams and when the explorers find her, she's sitting on the ground holding a bloody severed hand. (Very cool Halloween gummy hand) with the clue between its fingers.

8) That scheming Pharaoh is really shook.
Find the next clue on his flail & CROOK.

The Pharaoh comes racing by and they get the clue off his crook. He says'"Have you seen my daughter, she could really use a hand!"

9) We thought we were so very smart,
but he took revenge and stole my HEART.

In the distance the Pharaoh yells,"Get away from me." Then a last blood-curdling scream. They find a table with candles and a silver tray with a gummy heart with a knife through it. The clue is on the tray.

10) If it's courage you're needing, then don't think twice.
Just grab my heart and take a SLICE.

They each take a slice of heart. The clue is inside.

11) That evil old Pharaoh is better off dead.
I hope he doesn't end up losing his HEAD.

We got a freezer box and covered it with a plastic tablecloth. Then we hot glued on a disposable silver tray with the center cut out. The Pharaoh placed his head through the tray, we surrounded his neck with lettuce leaves and put a handled dome over it. We got a few screams when they lifted the dome to see the Pharaohs severed head. The clue under the lettuce said:

12) My eyes viewed my kingdom that reached so far,
now those same eyes reside inside of a JAR.

They found a big jar full of yellowish gelatin with two eyes suspended in it. A glow stick lit it from beneath.

13) My eyes were the color of the sky so blue,
pop one in your mouth for your next CLUE.

They each ate a gummy eyeball that sat in a bowl of canola oil. The clue they got next said:

14) I can't even think, it's such a strain.
To gain more knowledge take a bite of my BRAIN.

They found a basket with a gummy brain inside. Some brave soul took a bite and pulled this clue out.

15) Now that my brain rests in your tummy,
look around and find an ancient MUMMY.

They went back to the mummy resting place and searched through the strips of muslin and found the clue.

16) Listen I hear something behind those rocks!
What's that beating inside that BOX.

Behind a pile of rocks the explorers found a velvet lined treasure box lit with glow sticks. A recording of heart beats played while they opened the box to find the Mummy's still beating heart. The clue said:

17) Spit in your hand, then spin around twice.
Then call for the Mummy, I swear he'll be NICE.

They called out and in lumbered our heartless and very grateful Mummy friend. He tucked the heart into the folds of material draped around him and happily staggered off!

Egypt Farewell

We crawled through the cobwebs through Cleo's dark crypt
and in those creepy tunnels a few of us flipped!

We gutted our Barbies then bandaged them tight
and told tales of dead Pharoahs that made us worry that night!

But what made Gramma quite proud and fulfilled all her dreams
was when the Night Treasure Hunt echoed with Merrill's girlish, high screams!

Gramma Luvlee

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