Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas 2010

I'll be home with bell's on!

The house was rockin' through the holidays! With everyone smashed into a little house, it's bound to rock. With the happy sounds of laughter, pranks and memories, this Christmas was unforgettable!

Christmas baking

It's just not Christmas without the baking, and all the kid's got in on the action. They helped make cinnamon rolls to take to our friends and neighbors and then made their own batch of sugar cookies.

Cinnamon roll baker

Some ate more than they baked!

Whew! it' stressful being a baker.

Every child picked out their best cookie to put out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

For some it was hard to give up even one cookie to Santa, let alone the best!

The First Annual Gingerbread House Challenge

The Brown's can be a competetive bunch, so what better means to let that trait come out then through a gingerbread challenge.

Each team was provided with a gingerbread house and frosting. Each couple, on a signal, was able
to grab items out of a  large box of building supplies. They had one hour to complete their project.


Teamwork and cooperation was encouraged. Points were deducted for crankiness and bickering.
 Only one team actually had points taken away, and they won anyway!

After the ending buzzer sounded, each team had to safely transport there creation to the judging table.

Trevor & Elizabeth's design was a Public Safety Announcement encouraging
 homeowners to unplug their Christmas Tree lights upon leaving the home.

Note the old rubber tire fence, woodpile and axe, outdoor
Christmas lights on the eaves and burned up couch inside. 

Cassie & Tip's river rock facade home with pool.

This home's special features include a chimney with cotton candy
smoke and pool with ladder, diving board and life preserver.

Mandy & Ryan's desert dwelling deluxe

The Johnson's home is a showcase for xeriscaping. This arid landscape design features
gravel lawns, cactus garden and a dry boulder riverbed and don't forget that solar panel!

After judging by a distinguished panel of experts, the winners are...

...Cassie & Tip,
 who will proudly display their beautiful trophy in a prominent and well lit area
 in their home until the next challenge, where it will once again be up for grabs!

While all this was going on, the little ones were creating a masterpiece all their own!

These kids have inherited some crazy skills from their parents.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Each year Christmas Eve dinner is a special, dress-up occasion. Each family makes part of the menu so no one works too hard.

Our traditional Cornish Hen dinner

Christmas Eve Talent Show

Each family puts their considerable talents on display each Christmas Eve. You can tell that they have been rehearsing for weeks, if not months!

The Johnson's sing-along

Asher keeps it rockin'!

Our New Mexican family members offered up a traditional version of Feliz Navidad...

...until Cassie passed out the jumping beans...

...and the joint got hoppin'!

Little Rudolph the Red

The Brown Family singers

The talent portion of the evening was capped off by a special choir of little angels.

The room was darkened and in marched the little angels with glowing candles.

Their rendition of silent night made us all a little misty.

The sweet sounds of Papa's harmonica finished off the program.

All is calm, all is bright - The Nativity

Awaiting delivery

Mary loves her baby!

Jump in bed and cover up your head, cause Santa Clause comes tonight! All the kids get to open up one present on Christmas Eve, weird, it's always pajamas!, then we read The night before Christmas and put out cookies and a note to Santa.

Sometime during the night footsteps and jingle bells can be heard on the roof!
Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Christmas Morning

Santa needs to wipe his feet! Every year he leaves a trail of ashes from the stove to the tree!

Pace was very excited when he discovered a sleigh bell on the lawn!

Christmas was a success!
Everybody got just what they had hoped for!

Gramma Luvlee

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