Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pirate's like to party!

When we once again reached our home port the crew was able to spend their hard earned gold doubloons in the duty free shops of Tortuga.

Party Like A Pirate!
We conscripted family & friends and every other scurvy dog we could find to join in our celebration!

Families Are Our Greatest Treasure!

Tortuga Tip & Castaway Cassie & Crew

Rot Gut Ryan & Matey Mandy & Crew

Treacherous Trevor & Lost Leg Lizzie & Crew

Aruba Adam & Jolly Roger Jori & Crew

Our very handsome buckos!

Shiver me timbers, what a feast was had by me hearties that night. Hard tack bein' the reason fer all them gold pirate teeth, we supplemented our meager rations with some tropical delights raided from the Islands of the Caribbean.

The Grog flowed freely, so much so that the wee buccaneers got a little rowdy.
Tuff was dancin' on the table afore the night was through!

The young sea hands weren't too squiffy, so they weighed anchor once last time
 and took The Luvlee Lady fer one last spin around the bay. Yo-ho-Yo-ho!

A-R-R-R  ye ready to see what Gramma Luvlee has in store fer ye next year?
There's more adventures to come!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We take to the Sea

Today we took to the Sea, but not before being duly warned of the dangers of the deep. Namely, the pirate chompin' SHARK!

Shark Attack

Sharks are the most feared predators of the ocean. Besides their regular senses, sharks also have electrosense that gives them an extra advantage in the water. Their snout can pick up faint electrical signals given off by even the quietest, best camouflaged prey. We played the "Shark Attack" version of Marco Polo. The blindfolded Shark had a bottle of beans that he shook while searching for his prey. The "Prey" also had a bottle of beans to answer with.

Every time the "shark" shook his beans the "Prey" had to answer back with a faint shake of her beans (the faint impulses she emits). The "shark" had to avoid the coral reef (the other players) while searching for the "Prey".

The "Prey" must stay in place while the "Shark" hunts her down then gobbles her up!

Sailing, Sailing Over The Bounding Main

Ah, the smell of the sea and the salt air in your hook maimed nostrils! I do love bein' a pirate! Today Papa took us to the lake and we enjoyed rockin' on the rhythm of the waves.

Avast ye land lubbers!

After disembarking from our "ship", we had a picnic at the campground.
 Very appropriate place for a Pirate's Picnic don't cha think?!!

Yer's in piratin',
The Cap'n

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Peg Leg Tango

That night the crew joined the Cap'n at her world famous "Reception at sea". Everyone dressed for the feast and then they dined, drank and danced the night away.

Would ye care fer a little bubbly sir?

Arrr ye in the mood fer an appetizer?

Someone should really keep an eye on the wine steward!

A toast to the Cap'n!   Cheers!!!

The Peg Leg Tango

I found the cutest CD of kid's pirate songs called The Peg Leg Tango by Captain Bogg & Salty. The kids learned two songs and dances which they performed for us after dinner. Their favorite was

The Peg Leg Tango

Here we go!
You do the Pegleg Tango
one foot - One timber leg
to dance the Tango
You roll across the deck
Just like a Mango
Then the music starts to play
The Pegleg Tango!
Gettin' their scary pirate faces on!

Some mean ole shark bit that pirates pants clean off!

Those scallywags really started boppin' when some sea chanty music started crankin'!

Shake yer booty!

A Pirate's life is a hard one, that's true
It's dangers aplenty on oceans of blue.

So it is no wonder that we cry and we fight.

Rock us in our hammocks as you kiss us good night!

Sweet dreams little pirates

Gramma Luvlee
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