Monday, May 7, 2012

Life aboard The Luvlee Lady

The crew was introduced to Dead Eye Danny, a ship builder who was shanghaied by the Cap'n to construct the beautiful sailing ship "The Luvlee Lady".

Dead Eye Danny, the ship builder and particular favorite of the Cap'n!

Surprisingly, we were able to detract the kids as they arrived so that they did not notice a very large pirate ship at dock in the back yard. After talking to them about sailing vessels, Papa was then able to lead them around the side of the house to find the ship. It was priceless!

After the crew had acquainted themselves with their home away from home we crafted up some nifty pirate accessories to beautify our persons.

First up some stylish pirate necklaces from Oriental Trading.

Then some blinged out eye patches for the fashionable swashbuckler.

Pirate Games

Aye, Aye Captain

This game is just a pirated up version of "Mother May I". Instead of "take a baby step" for example, the Captain calls out a ship board chore.
Scrub the deck- the kids all get down on their hands and knees and scrub for all they are worth (but first saying,"Aye, aye Captain.)
Walk the plank - Walk heel to toe in a straight line with arms outstretched.
Climb the rigging- act out climbing.
Shark attack- Look frightened and swim like crazy!
Land Ahoy- Put your hand above your eye to shade it from the sun. Stand with legs apart, swaying from side to side.
Marooned- Sit on the ground and row to freedom.
Port side- Run to the left.
Here comes the Captain- Stop, stand at attention and salute.
Starboard Side- Run to the right.
You can call out a chore then quickly call out another, trying to confuse them. Whoever forgets to say "Aye, aye Captain" and is caught is the new Captain.

Cannon Ball games

Ye've heard of football, we'll that's fer Sissy's. On our ship we play Cannonball! We tossed the black balls around and let me tell ye, it took a lot of muscle heftin' them little spheres back and forth! It was all fun and games until they sprung a leak.

Each pair was given a water filled black balloon.The partners lined up across form each other taking a step back after each toss. The winning pair was the last one with an intact cannonball

Each time a crew member participated in an activity they got a gold coin for their swag bag. If they won they got five coins. The coins were used at the end of the week to purchase prizes in the shops of Tortuga.

Cannonball Pop
Another game was played by tying an inflated black balloon (cannonball) on a black ribbon and tying it to each crew persons ankle. Everyone tried to pop each others balloon while protecting theirs. Some of the balloons had gold coins in them that the popper got to keep. The winner (the last one with an intact balloon) got five coins for his bag.

Peg Leg Relay
Shark attack being the reason for so many wooden legs on pirate ships, we thought it best that the crew did a little practicing in case they met with that fate. Each team stands two children side by side, tying their legs together. At the signal they had to race to a mark and back again.

After they hobbled back to the ship they were treated to a lunch of Spaghetti and cannonballs (meatballs), Swords and cannonballs (cantaloupe balls, watermelon balls and olives skewered on little plastic swords), bread stick swords (with which they proceeded to have a sword fight with), and peanut butter cannonballs (p-nut butter candy balls on swords).

Don't worry, we're not done yet!
Yers in piratin',
Cap'n Flintlock Fonda
aka Gramma Luvlee

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  7. So neat! It is great to see grandparents so involved in their grandkids lives.

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    You are right in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th.

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