Monday, May 14, 2012

X Marks The Spot...

Today our crew learned all about Gold and Treasure Maps (that's why they signed on after all!). Each sailor made a handsome treasure chest to store all the riches they are sure to find!

After finishing our very artistic chests one of our crewmen happened upon a rolled up antique sheet of paper. Finding it bound up with a beaded, leather thong led us to believe it just may be

A Treasure Hunt

Well, have ye ever heard the tale of ole' Pegleg Pete who was marooned and left to perish on the Isle of Misery? It just so happened that ole scrap of paper we found was a map to the buried treasure he left behind to whoever was brave enough or foolhardy enough to search for it. If ye are smart enough to decipher it, a fortune in gold and gems await. But beware, peril awaits ye every step of the way.

Mermaid Cove

Ah ah ah ah ahhhhh!! What is that lovely sound? The "Little Mermaid".
Oh, my mistake it's Aunt Nanette a very good sport and a very lovely mermaid. She led the crew in a rousing game of "Mermaid Splash". Each crew member put on a long, flowing wig and stepped into a large black trash bag (their mermaid tail). After tying it securely (no wardrobe malfunctions please) They swam (slid and wiggled) across a wet, blue tarp to the finish line. There they de-tailed and de-wigged and the next two crew members raced.

Merrill is such a beautiful mermaid!

The Art Of Swashbuckling

It's time for some timely practice in the art of swordsmanship. You never know when you're ship will come under attack.

Take that, ye dirty bilge rat!

Croc Rock

Keep yer hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times fer ye are now in the vicinity of Croc Rock. That mama crocodile sure looks hungry!

Balancing on rocks in a croc pond can be very precarious. If the crew members fell off they didn't get a coin for completing this task , oh, and also they were gobbled up by a very large reptile with razor sharp teeth!

Tuff looks a little worried about the possibility of losing that coin!

No such worries for Pace. It's straight ahead and darn the consequences!

Cannon Balls Away!

The shrapnel was flying as the two crews fired upon each others ship.Luckily no one took a direct hit that day!
The ships were made from appliance boxes. I cut and taped the front to make it the shape of a
ships bow and then painted them brown. The cannon balls were bags of wiffle ping pong balls.

The pirates could throw back any cannon balls that landed in their ship but once time was
called the ship with the most balls inside was sunk and the other crew were rewarded.

Pretty Polly Parrot Roost

When Poor ole Pete succumbed his parrot had to fend for herself. Joining up with some native birds turned her back into a ferocious little beast. The crew had to keep an eye out for feral parrots.

Once the ornery critters were spied the crew took pot shots at them with their guns.
Each time poor Polly was hit the pirate was rewarded.

We Need A Medic

After a bloody sword fight broke out among the crew, medics were called in to care for the wounded.

The first crew of medical personnel to bandage their victims using a
complete roll of pirate bandages were rewarded.

Poor Polly

The crew began to have remorse for knocking off Pete's beloved pet Polly. To honor her memory they immortalized her in pictures.

Jett show his sorrow for Polly's untimely demise.

Putrid Polly Parrot Guts

After sitting in the sun for a day, the crew find that Polly and her friends are just a pile of putrid Parrot guts. Going by the principle of eating what you kill, the crew make a game out of seeing who can slurp down a plate of parrot guts first!

It's apparent what Polly had for her last meal!

The crew may think twice before shooting another Parrot! Yum!!!

And the winner of the Parrot Gut Eating Contest Is...

Korbi...Big Surprise!

Join us tomorrow when we continue our adventures on the high sea!

Yers in Piratin'
Cap'n Flintlock Fonda
AKA Gramma Luvlee

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  1. Lady you have to be one favorite Gramma..I am just amazed by the energy you put into these events..I have the imagination but omgoodness my "hats off" to you..the tales, the memories your little ones will have to tell for the rest of theirlives.
    "Like Gramma's House"

  2. Very cute party I love all the activities! Your one creative lady!

  3. What GREAT!!! ideas! My little one will be 4 next year and I'm thinking he will LOVE this!!!

  4. So many fun ideas! Love the sailor in the diaper and the mermen, lol!

  5. Your grandsons are such good sports and made such lovely mermaids. The putrid parrots was just too gross (I imagine all the kids loved it).

  6. I looooove this! Even the gross parrot guts -- lol! Your games are so creative and fun! And that feathered parrot art is priceless. Thanks so much for sharing on busy Monday!