Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm a pirate...

Thanks to Cap'n Slappy
Just another day at sea

After lunch (and naps, pirates get a little cranky without their beauty sleep!) The crew boarded the Luvlee Lady. A cry from the crow's nest alerted the sailors of a strange apparition on the starboard side. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that a beautiful mermaid was sunning herself on the rocks.

Kamryn, our pretty little mermaid

We talked about the legend of mermaids (sailors had to be pretty lovesick and lonely to imagine sea cows were magical creatures of the sea!) and the girls crafted mermaid crowns while the boys painted wooden ships. (Pace was so enamored with the lovely mermaid that to this day he still thinks Kamryn has a bit of Mermaid blood running through her veins!)

Capture the Pirate flag

The sailors counted to one hundred and hid. They planted  their flags in the ground at their hide out, then protected their flag from marauding pirates with their trusty water guns.

The rules kind of changed as the game progressed, but what did you expect?
They're pirates after all!!!

You cheated!       PIRATE!


Hook Maintenance

How do pirates pick their noses without maimin' their ugly mugs? Today we learned everything you've ever wanted to know about  hook management! In the first game the two teams had to race toward a treasure chest while picking up gold and pearl necklaces that were strewn along the way with their trusty, handy dandy hooks.

Each runner had 30 seconds to pick up one necklace at a time and deposit it in the treasure chest.
The team with the most jewels in the chest at the end were the winners.

Pretzel Hookin' Pirates

In this game the pirates hooked as many pretzels as they could in thirty seconds. They had to drop the pretzels into another bowl each time they dipped in the hook. The hook was a metal clothes hanger.

Hookin' pretzels is harder than it seems and eatin' them with yer sword should
be attempted only by professional pirates like Cap'n Jack, aka Rex!

More Piratin' tomorrow.
As always, yers in piratin'
Cap'n Flintlock Fonda
Gramma Luvlee

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  1. Oh, looks like everyone had a great time! Love those creative games.

  2. Fun Parties! Thanks so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love the mermaid outfit!


  3. Awesome games! I can see the kids are having a blast. How very fun and a lovely mermaid, too.

  4. Beautiful mermaid and wonderfully creative games! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!

  5. So fun! I'm glad you had they hooked pretzels and jewelry and not their noses:)