Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tortuga at last!

The potential crew members were met at port by Cap'n Flintlock Fonda and her only remaining crew man, Pegleg Pete. The Cap'n received a verbal agreement to serve from the crew then gave them passage to Tortuga where she provided them with swag bags and an advance on their salary and signed them on. With their gold they were able to visit the fine establishments of Tortuga and procure their provisions. The clothes shop, "Olde Navey" provided the crew members with pirate togs befitting a sea man (or sea girl) of stature (let me tell you it's hard work sewin' ten little pirate costumes while sailin' the Seven Seas!).

"Olde Navey"

 "Dire Straits Dan the barber/dentist " a versatile merchant provided the sailors with mustaches, beards and false pirate teeth.

The "Weaponry" welcomed our seafarers with a vast array of knives, swords and flintlocks. "Tortuga Ink" sponsored by TLC (The Looting Channel) provided the tattoos that every salty dog needs.

Tattoos hurt! I want me mommy!!!

We love our mommys!

After we acquired all of our essentials we enjoyed our last meal on land at "The Dread Lobster" restaurant where we dined on a wide variety of seafood and I might add, the kool-aid and juice flowed freely!

Pirate Monikers & The Ship's Register

Since pirates can't sail the Seven Seas with names like Susie & Johnny, we created our new, more rough and rowdy names by drawing three different piratey sounding words from a treasure chest. Hence,

Merrill became Blue Stump

Danii became Black Patch

Kamryn became Locker Lips

Korbi became Bloody Stump

Rex became Captain Jack

Jett became Davey Jones

Pace became Handsome Bucko

Tuff became Rotten Tooth

Shea became Lady Hook

and Lauren became Dead Leg

Once they created their new name they were able to sign the ships registry and swear allegiance to the Cap'n.

They were divided into two crews with the two first mates (who presided over their crew) who were chosen by drinking from a golden goblet. The two crew members who found a gem glued to the bottom of the inside of their cup became the leaders of the crews. They then designed a flag and named their crew. Then we spent some time learning to talk like a pirate. Some books we found invaluable in helping to "piratize" us were:

and our all time favorite pirate book

which teaches you all kinds of neat pirate facts like this:
"Pirate pants are always black but can be made of any material available. Cotton is a classic, wool drapes nicely, but the practical pirate chooses a fast-drying nylon. Notice the shark-bite hems. Most pirates have "walked the plank" at least once, and that's how their pants get this snazzy pattern along the bottom!

Until tomorrow ye scurvy bilge rat!...

Love Gramma Luvlee

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