Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Shake yer Booty"

The Tortuga Tribune Help Wanted Ads:

Me scurvy crew has left me high & dry, chasing after that black hearted scoundrel Cap'n Jack ,
(and me thought he cared fer me!). I be lookin' to hire me on a new crew at me next port o' call.
If ye be lookin fer adventure, danger and a bag full of sparklin' gold and gems a plenty, maybe this be the ideal employment fer ye! No experience needed. Great potential fer advancement!
Call and ask fer Flintlock Fonda aka "The Scourge of the Sea"!

Me and Jack in happier times

The Invitation

The invitations were mailed and arrived at each crew members home. They had a lot of fun getting an official "message in a bottle" through the mail. Each bottle contained sand, sea shells, a pirate patch and skull and cross bone ring along with the rolled up invitation tied with a leather thong and skull beads. The bottles were purchased from Oriental Trading.

Each crew member was issued a canvas duffle bag with all the essentials needed for life at sea. Included was the

Itinerary Front

Itinerary Inside

... the "Official T-shirt...
T-shirt modeled by Shea

...along with tickets, a scurvy kit (a bag of gummy citrus slices), pirate pop and for the littlest sailors,
"Bouncing Buccaneer Baby Food".

We'll be seeing ya in Tortuga!

Gramma Luvlee







  1. Are you kidding me! This is incredible! I won't be able to invite your crew onto our ship...they would be disappointed! :)

  2. I want to me a grandmother just like you someday!

  3. You mailed the invitations in bottles? That is inspired! You are my new party idol.

  4. Very fun, thanks for linking! You and Jack looked very happy together, lol!

  5. Argh! Couldn't help stopping by from Seven Thirty Three's hop to check this out -- we had a pirate day of our own earlier this summer. Fun!

  6. I can't wait until you put all your great ideas into a book -- I will be first in line to buy it! Sooo much fun and so very creative! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday.

  7. Hehe, love that pirate picture:)

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog (GFC).

    The Quiet Mom blogging @ Spaghetti with Meatballs Recipe

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