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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The "beauties" of nature-Brown reunion photos



Friday, September 6, 2013

"Nacho" average Brown Reunion

Buenos Tardes luchadores and those who are not luchadores but would very much like to be luchadores in the wonderful tight pants eating corn from a never ending supply.
It is my bery especial privilege to announce to you fine peoples the actividades of this Brown Reunion.
On the tarde of Friday we will have a potluck dinner for us to gain strength and nutrients for the following days' activities.
The morning pf Sabado, just before lunch we will engage in the luchador training. Eberyone will need their own estretchy pants for to get a little filthy in. And yes, aspiring luchadores, you will get filthy!            Signed Nacho AKA Levi

The running, which I excel at, in my stretchy pants-Nacho

Your training will include the fighting of the water ballon, for flexibility and teamwork.

The little "targets" could duck and dodge the water missiles,
 but they couldn't let go of the luchadors hand next to them.

They performed feats of bravery...

...which was frowned upon by the training committe!
The luchadorettes were next shown where to find the eagles nest where they displayed their brilliant balancing skills.

Next you will train with the cow pies (much better than the alternative, I promise you that!).

Eating chocolate "Cow Pies"

Papa calmy awaits his turn at Cow Pie eating dominance!

Let the matches begin!
When all is ready we shall unleash the luchadores like the titans upon their enemies! Each family will need to have a luchador to fight for the honor and glory of their family. If your family does not want to participate then you will miss out on a taste of the good life.

Defending the honor of the familia Danny Brown was
Korbi & Skylar,...


... the Jettster,...


Adam & Trevor,...
(It does a mama's heart good to see her baby boys make something of themselves!)

Defending the family honor against Bryson & Sawyer!

And finally, Asher versus Reece!

The self proclaimed champion!

The night ended in a family friendly free-for-all!
Thanks Nacho and the David Brown Family for a "Memorable" reunion!