Sunday, November 10, 2013

Putrid Pirates on parade!

Pirate princess Jordin partied hardy for all of 30 minutes and then fell asleep on the...

... "Pooped" Deck
Piratin' is a family affair
Dead Pirate/Day of the Dead Party Hoppers
 Dead Eye Dave

Our very "Manly" baby Buccaneer!
My grandsons couldn't wait until everyone left so that they could pose with Papa's gun!
So long until the voices in my head force me to create the next party!
Yers in Piratin'
Cap'n Flintlock Fonda
Gramma Luvlee

Friday, November 8, 2013

Putrid Pirate Royalty & The Dead Man Decathalon

Once again it's time to crown the fairest (or must putrid) pirates in the South. It was hard narrowing it down with all beauty & brawn that was represented that night.

The winners took home the coveted trophies along with a sash
and solid gold eye patch (and a tremendous sense of accomplishment!)

 After much deliberation the attendees choose; (drum roll!!!)

In third place, once again! Putrid Pirate Prince...

Black Patch Jimmy, along with his lovely Princess...
Voodoo Deep Doo-Doo Denise!
In second place the very dashing (If I do say so myself)...
Dastardly Dan The Ladies Man!
 and his Princess (and coincidentally Granddaughter & namesake)...
Dangerous Danii, the most sought after beauty on the Seven Seas!
And the King of all Putrid Pirates is...
Barnacle Braxton, The Terror of Tortuga, and his delightful Queen...
Keel Haul Kelli, that Voodoo Vixen!
Congratulations to all all winners, Hey, every pirates a winner.
 Who doesn't want to be a pirate?!!
The votes were tallied and presented by representatives
of the Law Firm/Accounting Office/Tattoo Parlor
 of "Johnson & Johnson" who, incidentally were recently featured on a
wildly popular segment of "Tortuga Ink" on TLC (The Looting Channel.
The Dead Man Decathlon
I'm sure you've heard of the Iron Man Decathlon. Well, that's nothing compared to what our little buccaneers had to go through to prove their worthiness to crew along side Cap'n Flintlock Fonda. She put them through a rigorous series of challenges. Each time they completed a challenge they received a coin or gem to put in their booty pouch. Upon completion they presented their pouches to the quartermaster. If she was sufficiently impressed with the weight of said bag, they were then presented with a booty bag full of prizes.
Some of our Brave Pirates
Poor Polly's Parrot Guts
Poor Polly was hit by a wayward cannon ball and all that was left of her was a big pile of rotting guts. The treacherous tykes had to eat said guts (along with the worms and bugs she'd eaten just before the unfortunate accident) with their hands behind their backs.
Visiting the POOP DECK - Cat Litter Cake
Your stomach it may feel a wreck
once you visit the "Poop Deck"!
They also walked a plank, looked for gems in a spooky graveyard, found a swamp monsters nest along with the requisite severed, bloody limbs, bones and coins embedded in swamp monster poopy, they found a treasure chest with Davey Jones still beating heart and many more lovely and delightful sweet dream inducing activities!
Who knew that Pirate girlies are way more brave than their older male counterparts!
Booty Bags for all!
Sweet Dreams Baby Buccaneers!
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Putrid Pirate Buffet-"Bone" Appetit!

Just like with the decor, I had five different eating zones for my guests' pirate pig out pleasure!

Putrid Pirate Buffet-Various & Sundry Parts of a Rotting and Putrid Pirate

Skull Rock Veggie Plate-Poor Polly's Parrot Wings-
Mouldering Pirate Bones Breadsticks
-Pirate Fingers Cheese Sticks
Dead Man's Chest Barbecued Ribs-Teague's Tenderloin with Blackberry Sauce
Eye Patch Caprese Salad
The disemboweled bowels of a mutinous pirate 
Black Beard's Brain Shrimp Pate-
Hotter Than Hades Jalapeno Popper Dip (a glimpse into a pirate's afterlife)
French Quarter Patiserrie- A French Pastry Shop
Top Right-Dark Chocolate Cream Chesse Spoonfuls- Red Velvet Cup Cakes
Mini Pecan Pies-Bacon Pecan Pralines-
Chocolate Butter Cookie Skulls-Cream Puffs
 Black Sesame & Ginger Funeral Shroud Cookies

Southern Pralines
Eclairs & Madelines
Cajun Cuisine
Mini Shrimp Cocktails

Cajun Shrimp Casserole-Wrapped Muffaletta Sandwiches
Vodoo Swamp Dip (Artichoke & Spinach Dip) with French Bread
Mini Shrimp & Grits-Fried Chicken
Cajun Shrimp Pasta Salad-Baked Chicken-French Rolls
Red Beans & Rice-Southern Biscuits-Crawfish Jambalaya
Davey Jones Locker-Oyster Bar & Ocean Water

Sand Dollar Cookies
Oyster Shell Cookies-Ocean Water
The Swamp-Even More Desserts!
Davey Jone's Raspberry & Cream Heart
Hook's Hand Fudge
Pirate Grave Mousse
Not Pictured-Swamp Water-Mini Banana Pudding-Chocolate Ganache Cup Cakes
Gramma Luvlee