Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The latest in Dead Pirate Decor!

Front Porch- The Port
The entrance represented the Port cities of Louisiana that dispatched our dearly departed pirates. My friend Raymond (the skeleton) was piratized and welcomed our guests.

My prop maker (AKA Papa) cut up logs and lashed them with rope for my piers. He also used up some old boards for a crate and went to an auction and procured the barrels and big rope. 

Front Room- Pirate's Den 
 This was my favorite new prop this year. I antiqued a couple of very cool severed hands I found at
K-Mart and I hot glued them to my metal drapery tie backs. I scared myself a couple of times when I saw hands peeking out from behind my drapes!
Wall Photos- Great Pirates I have Known
These are pictures from a Gramma Camp on Pirates that I Photo Shopped and enlarged. 
Bejewelled and pearlized skull with a string of mini LED lights inside his mouth
Flintlock Fonda and a former flame!
The Dining Room- Gothic New Orleans
Family Room- Davey Jones Locker
I still had the lockers from Zombie Prom in my family room with no way
to remove them, so I converted them to Davey Jones Lockers.
I hot glued sea shells to magnets and applied them to the lockers along with nets and sign.
We hung blue cellophane on the ceiling for waves and glitter circles for bubbles.
My grandkids cut out and hung fish from fishing line in the bay window.
The Deck -The Swamp
We got just a wee bit behind (OK, we were completely overwhelmed and were barely getting the food out when out Putrid pirates started arriving, so the fact that we got any pictures of anything is a miracle in itself!) The deck AKA The Swamp was my very most favorite space. We hung shredded green dyed cheesecloth from the pergola for moss along with lanterns made from mason jars. I repurposed my Spooky Old Tree from Gramma Camp by hanging Spanish Moss from it and covering it with flickering lights that looked like flames. The dessert table was covered in burlap and sheet moss with wood slab serving plates and cake stands. We also hung Fairy Berries, (which i'm going to buy tons more of!) from the eaves over the food. These are little lights like they have at The Blue Bayou Restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They flicker on and off like fireflies. We also had a sign that said,"Watch for Gators" and a soundtrack of a swamp at night with crickets, frogs and bird calls. It had a ton of atmosphere!

Check back later for more Putrid Pirate Fun & Games!
Gramma Luvlee


  1. Looks like fun (the pirate hand is my fav too)

  2. You had to be there to see how cool the back deck was anyway:)
    Good times! Not sure what you mean by "completely overwhelmed" though. Loved the party, can't wait for next year!