Friday, November 1, 2013

Shake yer "Booty" on the Bayou- Invites & prizes

What's better than a pirate? A DEAD pirate of course! This years' Halloween party let everyone get their secret longings to be a pirate to the forefront. We had to base our pirates in the South (because I wanted to serve Cajun Cuisine) so I had to create a storyline to get them there and to get them dead and reanimated!
The party storyline
 The Invitation
The invitation was rolled up and sent in an Oriental Trading Bottle Invitation. I added real sand, some shells, a ring and eye patch. I made my own labels then decorated the bottle with cheese cloth, twine and skull beads. I hung a sweet little dead pirate skeleton in a noose and attached it to the bottle.
Haunted Pirate Invitation
The Bottle Invite Wrapped in the Storyline
Dead Pirate Party Invitation
Treat Bags (AKA The Booty!)
Each year the kids go out into the dark and spooky graveyard (The Haunted Pumpkin Patch) and find a pumpkin with a number. They get a prize with a corresponding number. Well, since we're all dead pirates I thought it would be fun to do things a little differently. To get their treat bag (The Booty) they had to participate in the "Dead Man Decathlon", based very loosely on the famous "Iron Man Decathlon. Here, they had to prove their worthiness to be crewmen on my ship and they had to perform pirately task for gold coins. If they had enough coins in their pouches at the end they took them to the quartermaster and got a Booty" sack of treats and pirate prizes.
Some very brave pirates and their "Booty".
 I attached these seals to handled bags.
Pirate treat bag seals
The Loot
We filled up the bags with all kinds of pirate loot, including some of these in each bag.
Pirate Popcorn Treat
Chocolate covered wafer "Plank" cookies
 Whopper's cannon balls
Pirate's Gold Booty
Do-Nut Pirate Treat
Mermaid Snack Mix-gummy octopus, Swedish fish and pearl Sixlets
Pirate's Gold-Fish!
Dead man's trail mix
Why is the "Gum" gone?  Pirate Gum Toppers
I forgot to take a picture of these, but suffice it to say , "They were stinkin' cute"! I put a pearlized white and a black gumball in a pretzel sack, cut it off and stapled this to the top. 
Pirate Pop
I printed these out on label paper and attached them to IBC Root Beer.
Stay tuned....There's more to come!

                                                               Gramma Luvlee

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