Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pirate's like to party!

When we once again reached our home port the crew was able to spend their hard earned gold doubloons in the duty free shops of Tortuga.

Party Like A Pirate!
We conscripted family & friends and every other scurvy dog we could find to join in our celebration!

Families Are Our Greatest Treasure!

Tortuga Tip & Castaway Cassie & Crew

Rot Gut Ryan & Matey Mandy & Crew

Treacherous Trevor & Lost Leg Lizzie & Crew

Aruba Adam & Jolly Roger Jori & Crew

Our very handsome buckos!

Shiver me timbers, what a feast was had by me hearties that night. Hard tack bein' the reason fer all them gold pirate teeth, we supplemented our meager rations with some tropical delights raided from the Islands of the Caribbean.

The Grog flowed freely, so much so that the wee buccaneers got a little rowdy.
Tuff was dancin' on the table afore the night was through!

The young sea hands weren't too squiffy, so they weighed anchor once last time
 and took The Luvlee Lady fer one last spin around the bay. Yo-ho-Yo-ho!

A-R-R-R  ye ready to see what Gramma Luvlee has in store fer ye next year?
There's more adventures to come!!!


  1. Love the family photos. Looks like an arrrgh-some time was had by all!

  2. As usual..what a party you put together..such an organizational feat!
    btw..what a sweet note you left me..I will try to "hold that thought".