Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dino - Mite!

Whoa! we sure didn't plan our arrival in prehistoric times very well! We landed here right in the middle of a big child custody dispute. It seems like Mama Cave woman adopted a baby dinosaur fair and square and now Mama Dinosaur has changed her mind and wants her baby back! Mama Cave woman said, "NO WAY!" Now Mama Dinosaur is on the rampage and we are right in her path!

Watch out! Mrs. Cave woman is ticked off!

We felt the earth trembling and knew Mama Dinosaur was on her way. We ran for our lives to Mama Cave woman's home where she shared her furs with us so that we could dress more appropriately.

After dressing we fashioned spears from dowels, clay arrowheads,
 wood burners, raffia, wooden beads and feathers.

The big buddies helped their little buddies burn their names and designs into the spear shaft.

Spear Throwing Contest

Merrill demonstrates the fine art of spear throwing...

...and spear retrieval!

Fierce Hunters!

Dino-Mite Lunch!

Jett guards our lunch from marauding dinosaurs

Our prehistoric lunch consisted of : Dino mac & cheese, dino chicken nuggets,...

Saurus sandwiches, Dinosaur eggs (boiled eggs colored after the shell came off)...

...Dino cookies, triceratops horns (bugles) with guaca-swamp (guacamole),
swamp water (murky, greenish punch) and dino snot (green jello) in a labeled bag.

Our table decor included chocolate rocks, fossils, succulents, fur...

...and vines growing everywhere. We also had a sign that said, "Cave, sweet, cave."

To be continued....

Gramma Luvlee

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