Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Walk like an Egyptian

We were greeted in Egypt by Dr. Arizona Brown (lesser known cousin of Dr. Indiana Jones). Dr. Brown is a well reknowned archeologist and daring world explorer.

Dr. Brown had acquired an ancient treasure map to Cleo's crypt  and asked us to come along on the adventure. The hot desert sun beat down on us as we waited to enter the crypt.

We entered the crypt through a very tiny opening in the pyramid!

Some of the young explorers became very concerned when they heard
moans and shrieks emanating from the dark entrance they were going into!

The crypt was created by blacking out all the windows in the front of our house. We used rolls of heavy black plastic to darken the rooms and make hallways and tunnels. After entering through the pyramid, they crawled on their bellies through two kid's collapsible play tunnels, and under a plastic draped dining table that had cob webs, spiders and snakes hanging from fishing line. They then slide down a tunnel created from a freezer box elevated on one end with couch pillows. They crawled over slimy snakes, cockroaches (packing popcorn) and plastic insects. This was all done in the pitch dark with a recording of creaks, groans, moans and eerie noises going on. Needless to say, we lost a few of our intrepid explorers along the way.
When they reached the bathroom they entered into the mummy's tomb. It was lit by blacklights and had apothecary jars filled with eyeballs, severed fingers and tongues (found at the Halloween clearance) suspended in a tonic water and gelatin concoction. The jars glowed under the blacklights and the kids were so fascinated looking at them that they didn't notice the mummy behind the door. The received quite a scare when he spoke behind them. He explained that they were now cursed because they entered his tomb. He said the curse makes you glow in a strange way, which he demonstrated by smiling. When they smiled , sure enough, they were cursed too! They all had an eerie glow. He explained how grave robbers had broken in to the crypt and had stolen his heart so he could never live eternally in the after world. The explorers agreed to help him find his heart and then he lead them into Cleo's final resting place.

The "heartless" mummy

The explorers found the very beautiful, but very dead Cleo resting in her tomb.

The restless spirit of Cleo commanded the explorer's to go out and find her gold, oh,
and if they had time, maybe look around for her hubbies missing heart!

Cleo told us how to get to the "Valley of the Kings"where we were to perform
tests of skill and bravery, then she laid down once more for her eternal rest.

The Valley of the Kings

Upon Cleo's detailed instructions we arrived in the Valley of the Kings where we
were met at the entrance by a very commanding Egyptian Soldier.

He refused us entry without a bribe, so we set out in
search of ancient Egyptian coins with which to pay him.

After our bribe was excepted we were allowed entrance into the Valley of the Kings.

Cat Canyon
Our first test of skill involved locating Cat Canyon and there knocking
over statues of the cat God Bastet with sling shots.

Canopic Cave

Then it was on to canopic cave where we searched for and found
three canopic jars filled with various and sundry harvested organs.

The jars were hidden within a burial ground with three mummys.

One mummy even rose up and joined us in our "gutty" games.

"My heart will go on" game

Toss the water balloon "heart" game

Heart hoisting winners!

"I've got my eye on you" game

Our fearless explorers had to fish around in a pot of guts and goop to
find the "real" eyeballs amongst a bunch of imposters.

The Lung Lunge

In this game the tavelers lunged forward and stomped lungs. The lungs were
 pink spray painted packing balloons from Amazon packages.

Sarcophagus Sand Dunes

Here, we had to "mummify" two dearly departed Pharaohs using a whole roll of TP.

Then we had to race them (with great pomp & dignity) to their final resting place...

...the sarcophagus!

Jett tries to keep us on course

Hungy Hippo Pond

The explorers had to cross a hippo infested pond.

They grabbed a hanging vine and courageously swung across to the other side!

Lost Expedition Lake

Well, we found out why Lost Expedition Lakes explorers are lost...

they're DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

We found their rations hanging in a tree...

...and since they won't be needing them anymore...

...we took a whack!...

...and had a snack!

The explorers were still hungry after their little snack so they found an
 insect covered tree and chowed down.

Jackal Javelin Throw

They tested their aim and accuracy by throwing javelins through a hoop.

We were successful in completing our tests of skill, but not so much in finding a missing heart and gold. Maybe we'll have better luck tonight, after dark, in a creepy scary treasure hunt! ah-ha-ha-ha!

Gramma Luvlee
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  1. Okay seriously I forget how much amazing things we do in one day! Great post! Especially that sexy booty climbing into the tomb! Thanks alot!

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