Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcome to the Food Network!

Today we are taking over the Food Network Kitchens. We were welcomed there by that World Famous Iron Chef  Kat Cola (her friends call her Kitty Kat!).

Kat explained the rules for our first activity, The HGTV Cake Challenge then took us to the kitchen.

HGTV Cake Challenge

Each contestant received a chefs hat and a personalized apron handmade by Aunt Mandy.

Each chef must design and construct a cake that fits the theme "Summertime Dream". The cake has to be entirely edible with the exceptions of cardboard for the base and a dowel. The four oldest chefs also had a minimum height requirement of 12 inches. They had 10 minutes to design and 1 hour to complete their vision.
The contestants supply table had everything they needed to complete their masterpieces. This included pre-baked cakes and cupcakes, frostings, fondant, rice krispie treats, cake decor, sprinkles, colored sugar, pretzel rods, graham crackers and cookies.

Even though the little guys didn't have a height requirement most of them sent their cakes soaring!

The supply table works great for a little snack!

Contestants, you must now move your cakes to the judging table.

Merrill's Summertime Dream included a boat going down a waterfall.
 Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

Danii's Summertime Dream is a "Summer Love". Her mom's idea of a recipe for disaster!

Kamryn's dreaming of sunshine and rainbows.

Korbi "Dreams" of water. Lake Powell anyone?!! 

Shea "Dreams" of Summer fun with her mommy.

Tuff played on the sympathy of the judges, relaying how he has always wanted
to visit a Zoo, but his Mom has never taken him!

Lauren showed off her mad cake decorating skills on a Summer Garden .

Pace showcased his love for Summer sports.

Jett "Dreams" of tanks and cannons, don't you?!!

Rex has a "Dream" of catching a huge wave on his surfboard.

And finally, Katie "Dreams" of horseback rides on warm Summer nights.

The cakes were judged on Craftsmanship, Use of materials,
 Representation of theme, Height and of course...


And the winners are...

In the Junior Division there was a tie between...


and Rex.

In the Senior Division
There was also a tie between...

Chef Danii & Chef Kamryn.
Congratulations Chefs!

Gramma Luvlee


  1. What fun! The aprons and toques are precious!

  2. I really want to feature one of your parties as my party of the week next week on Pams Party Planning & Practical Tips. I tried to find a contact address, but didn't see it. Will you please contact me on my gmail address under the Be Featured link on the top of my blog. Look foward to hearing from you!!