Friday, August 17, 2012

America's Next Top Model

As the reality stars walked through the television on Wednesday they were greeted by the rousing chorus of  the America's Next Top Model theme song and the wonderfully choreographed antics of Tyra (super model) and Miss Jay (runway coach extraordinaire)!

The potential models got right down to business.
Only minutes after arriving they received their first highly anticipated...

...Tyra Mail!!!  (Squeal)

Walk the walk!

Miss Jay (Runway Coach Extraordinaire!) demonstrated some famous runway walks.
It's important to come up with your own signature walk. The strut that will make you famous.

This walk should make someone famous!

Walk this way!!!

Tuff's signature pose at the end of the runway.
He's got a little bit of his daddy in him!

After creating their walk they had to then perfect it in heels.

and then in heels and...


I'm So Emotional!
The models tried walking to different types of music, changing their walk to fit the mood of the song. They were then taught that different photo shoots have to convey different feelings. They practiced by displaying an assortment of emotions. Among them were...



ANGER! and...


Smize Challenge
Along with her famous "smize" (smiling with your eyes), Tyra also taught the
contestants  about her famous "Booty Tooch" and always presenting angles to the camera.

And here they are, America's Next Top Models

The Photo Shoot Challenge

Each team took everything that they had learned that day and put it to good use in this challenge. Each team chose a product to endorse, a season of the year to represent and an overall concept.

Team Summer

Team Winter

Team Spring

Team Jordin

A Hair Raising Challenge

One of the most anticipated episodes on ANTM is the dreaded Hair Make-Over. Each of our teams did a hair make-over on one of their members. They each chose a boy with fairly long hair.

To that hair the stylists applied shaving cream.


and sculpted.

Then they added glitter...

and glitz ...

Some calming feathers...

...and just about anything else they can find the the craft box!

And Voila!...

We have Supermodels!!!

To end this portion of the day, the models had a very model-like lunch. They picked at veggies and dip, yogurt parfaits, hummus & pita, fruits, salads and iced water with lemon slices.

Ta Ta Tyra!

Gramma Luvlee

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  1. Okay I laughed out loud quite a few times! What fun that was! :)