Friday, January 6, 2012

California Adventure

It's nice to be able to escape the Black Friday crowds at Disneyland by visiting her less popular sister, California Adventure. We hang out here until the fireworks, parades and Fantasmic get going at DLand, then we hop back over there and ride and ride while the crowds are occupied with the festivities.

These are the "Happy Campers" who enjoyed the "Grizzly River Run". The "Unhappy Camper" who shall remain anonymous, HATED this ride and HATED being wet! and is not shown because she had a very UNhappy look on her face for a few hours until she dried out.

Maybe she's still a little damp, because she did like the "Tower of Terror"
 but she's still looking a little UNhappy! Watch out Jett!

This was the inspiration for this years Halloween party. I really want to be an Imagineer when I grow up!

Yeah Danii! I'm so proud of you. You took your imaginary "brave pill" and
once again conquered your fear on "The Tower of Terror".

This is what it looks like when the doors open just before you drop on "The tower of Terror".

This is what papa looks like when the doors open just before you drop on "The Tower of Terror".

Shea was feeling really special in her pretty princess dress.

Just for your information. Shae says, "if you have an accident in the Most Magical Place on Earth, you get to be a Beautiful Princess and go commando. It's quite exhilarating! You should try it!"

Pace and a famous celebrity. (I can't remember who!)

Our Thanksgiving celebration was one wild ride!

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  1. Was a super cute post until someone started bashing poor old me just because I HATE getting wet! :)