Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gotta start somewhere!

This is my attempt to make some sense of all the years of parties, holidays and of course CGL's (Camp Gramma Luvlee's) I have crammed in my brain. Hopefully my Little Luvlee's will  enjoy remembering  and maybe, just maybe there's someone out there in Blog land who can use some of the activities and ideas to make some memories of their own!

Christmas 2011

This was our "OFF" year. All the kids were at the in-laws or stayed home. It wasn't as traumatic as you might think. Each family visited individually for a few days during the holidays and we got to spend one on one time with the grand kids. It was kind of nice! 

Sledding with the Gough's

Merrill was still sporting a cast and Danii was suffering some School Bus head trauma, so they were supposed to be watching from the sidelines, Supposed to be!

Kamryn, Korbi & Papa left the baby slopes behind in search of thrills & chills!
Papa wins for best form!
Woolly Walk

Korbi wanted to go on our world famous Woolly Walk after we got home that night. A Woolly Walk for the uninformed, is a walk where you have to put your Woolly's on so you don't freeze! You also walk with a thermal mug of Hot Cocoa and ideally, cookies or donuts. The night was perfect. The snow was softly falling and everything was so quiet. Except for us! We sang "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland", "Baby it's cold outside", "Let is snow, let it snow" and every snowy song we could think of. It was an absolutely perfect Woolly Walk, although a tad bit slippery!

The Johnson's OH SO  SCARY Polar Express Excursion

Cassie told us about a Minivan Polar Express she read about on a blog. We thought it would be fun to turn the clocks ahead two hours and get the boys in bed, then create our extravaganza. We dug out train conductor hats, lanterns and decorated the inside of the car with Christmas twinkle lights. I downloaded the Polar Express Soundtrack and a very cool sound effect of trains, whistles and an all aboard. We had the soundtrack playing and Hot Chocolate and popcorn waiting in the toasty warm car. We were going to play the train sound effects loudly outside the door and then the kids would gleefully coming scurrying to see what all the commotion was about. We would greet them with an official Polar Express letter and tickets to ride the train around town while looking at Christmas lights. Well, the train effects played and played as we stood in the darkened hall swinging out official train lanterns. Finally we swung open the door to see two little boys staring at us in fright and begging me, their loving Grandma, not to scare them! (The lanterns have been used on numerous occasions during spooky treasure hunts!) We promised there would be no dead guys or ghosts and they finally agreed to join us on our little adventure.
Mama, who yelled ,"Well are ya comin'?" and then super punched the tickets.
Papa, the engineer

Our chocolate mustached passengers. When the "Hot Chocolate" song came on we passed out Cocoa.

Rex couldn't even enjoy himself because we took him out so late at night.
He perked up a little when we informed him it was only seven o'clock!

Asher loved looking at the lights. At every house he would say, "Look, Temple lights!"

Barentine Snow Bunnies

Shea was a little reluctant to go with Papa to the woods to sled. Huh, wonder why?!! So Papa humored her and took the kids to the school,  which has a gently sloping hill and most importantly, NO TREES!

All in all, it was a very LUVLEE Christmas Season!

Gramma Luvlee


  1. I enjoyed your post, it made me laugh out loud! I am glad you are up and running in the blog world! It will never be the same again:)