Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All ashore who's going ashore!

Arrival and Check-in

When everyone arrived at the dockside check-in they were first assigned their Cruise buddies.
Big buddy Kamryn and her little buddies Lauren & Jordin

Big buddy Merrill and his buddies Asher & Tuff

Big beautiful buddy Danii and her buddies Katie & Jett

Big old Korbi girl & her buddy Shea

Co-buddies Rex & Pace
Upon arrival at check-in the cruisers were warned of the numerous diseases they could expect to encounter in their travels. It was explained to them that their immunizations would have to be updated since they didn't produce a current "Record of Immunizations".

Looks of concern on the faces of nervous travelers

That wasn't so bad!

Now that the passenger's immunizations are current, it's time to check their passports.

Please submit your passports and two forms of ID

Passport verified!

Next each passenger had to open their luggage and have it searched for contraband and/or weapons.

Have you left your luggage unattended at any time?
Then how do you explain...


Because security was busy elsewhere, and because Merrill really did seem innocent with those big blue puppy dog eyes of his, the knife was confiscated and he was able to board the ship along with his fellow passengers.

Welcome aboard the Love Boat

Welcome aboard The Luvlee Lady (Carnival Cruise Lines recently refurbished Pirate Ship), I'm Julie McCoy, your very enthusiastic cruise director!

Isaac, your bartender was sick so mocktails were served by Mandy, your lovely assistant.

As we pulled away from port the ship's horn blasted, a Calypso band began to play...

...and we shot off streamers and confetti.

It's time to paaaarty!!

Gramma Luvlee

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