Saturday, January 21, 2012

Land of the little people - Ireland

Top o' the mornin' to ya!
Welcome to the Emerald Isle, on this the morning of the second day of our cruise. We are just in time to celebrate the wearin' of the green on St. Patrick's Day!
We were greeted by a high steppin', high spirited lass who told us all about the holiday and
about some of the legends of Ireland. The most famous being the legend of the...


The Leprechaun is a feisty, wee bit of a man who loves all things gold and dancin' a jig or two.

Legend has it that if you do find the pot of gold at the rainbow's end,
you just might turn into a Leprechaun yourself!

Tuff finds out that those rumors are true!

Some pots were easy to find.


Blarney Castle
Our first land excursion takes us to the famous Blarney Castle.

Legend tells that if you bend over backwards and kiss the stone at Castle Blarney you are endowed with the gift of gab or persuasion. You become a smooth talker! That sounded like a great gift to have for some of our cruisers and they puckered up for the rock.
Shea already has the gift. I hope she doesn't acquire more!

Danii REALLY wants it!

Leprechaun Trap
Leprechauns residing in America are very different from those in Ireland. The American Leprechaun are the original stow-aways from the Irish immigrants who travelled to America in the 1800's. There were so few of them they never found each other and as a consequence never married or had children. They can't die because they have no young ones to take their place. They live on, year after year becoming more frail and fragile. If an Irish Leprechaun is caught in a trap, he has to show you his gold. If an Americanized Leprechaun is trapped it usually upsets their delicate little system so badly that they simply keel over and instantly turn into a dried out shell of themselves!

Having been warned of the considerable risked involved in trapping the Americanized version, the campers decided it was worth the risk!

They built a trap from instructions found here
then checked numerous times throughout the day.

They were finally rewarded, or more accurately disappointed to find ...

.. a dried up, dessicated Leprechaun in the trap. Poor little feller!

Despite killing the wee little guy, they really enjoyed watching for Leprechauns in Ireland on a webcam

Irish Dance

The older girls were coached in the art of Irish Dance. They were able to perform for the cruise ship on the last night at sea.

The little girls show off their considerable artistic talents.

The boys didn't need instruction. They were naturally gifted in the art of Irish dance!

Our lunch consisted of good, hearty Irish fare.

Irish stew, colcannon, Irish soda bread,...

...potato farl, and some Irish stout (ginger ale).

See ya in India!

Gramma Luvlee


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