Monday, January 16, 2012

Love...exciting and new. Come aboard, we're expecting youuuu!

Camp GrammaLuvlee 7: The Love Boat Around the World Cruise
Yes campers it's that time again! Time to leave your mundane, ho-hum lives behind and trot off on new adventures with your GrammaLuvlee. For the uninitiated, Camp GrammaLuvlee takes place in the summer, annually. It's basically a Grandma camp for my thirteen little luvlees. I wanted to come up with some excuse to bring all my grand kids together each year. I wanted them to get to know their cousins and to do it in a magical and exciting environment. The older kids are "Buddied" with a younger cousin for safekeeping, convenience and for the adoration factor. The little kids absolutely adore their older "Buddies". This years theme will take us off on adventures to worlds unknown!

 The Invitation

At an assigned time, at four different houses, the peace and solitude was Shattered by the loud blast of a ship's horn! (Sound effect playing as loud as possible on a strategically placed stereo.) When the kids came running to see what was happening, the lovely strains of "The Love Boat" theme filled the air. Each family found their own Love Boat, cruise tickets and personalized postcards from some of the Ports of Call.

Cruise Tickets

Our cruise liners looked like this Love Boat from Family Fun Magazine. We forgot the photo op!

Australia postcard -  G'Day Asher & Merrill

Our beautiful China Dolls - Katie & Lauren

Viva La Pace & Jordin

England as seen by Sherlock Rex

Beautiful Bollywood dancers - Shea, Korbi & Kamryn

A wee bit of Ireland - Tuff

Oh La La Danii!

Our stoic Russian - Jett

Au revoir!

Gramma Luvlee

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