Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let me regress...

We'll be taking many little trips down memory lane. First stop:

Thanksgiving with Uncle Walt & Cousin Mickey

Oh I do love the lavish feast Uncle Walt throws! There's clam chowder in bread bowls, piping hot churros in their greasy cinnamon crust, frozen solid chocolate covered bananas, pineapple whip straight from Hawaii and every ones favorite Thanksgiving tradition...

Slimy, smoked turkey legs, YUM!

It's all about the Magic

The night before going to Disneyland we stood in the parking lot of our hotel and watched the fireworks bursting just above our head. Needless to say there were a lot of excited kids that night, who had a hard time falling asleep across the street from the Magic Kingdom. I finally had to give in and take a benadryl!!

Let the Magic begin!

Merrill is a sweetie (despite what his sister's may think).
He always watches out for the little guys and his mom and Gramma.

Shea hitches a ride

Kamryn is simply overcome with JOY!
Joy to be here and joy that her mom was finally with us!

Jori & Mandy

First stop , Splash Mountain where my car so graciously LET me ride in the very front. Hence the lack of pictures off of my camera for the rest of the day, while my camera's insides dried out (along with me!).

And about this time the lady standing next to me snapping pictures gasps and says...

"That little boy's going to fall out of that ride!", and there's my Jett boy leaning clear
 over the front of the log, hands in the air and big grin on his face. Glad he lived to tell about it!

Jordin just wasn't feelin' the love on any of the rides!...

while Asher thought he was in the coolest place on earth. He loved Mickey and Donald and especially the buses outside the park with Donald Duck on the side. He probably would have been perfectly content to sit outside and watch them go by all day! He wants to live in Toon Town where he's an official fireman.

Thank goodness for Jori's little Putt-Putt. Because of it we got special privileges on the Small World Ride (never mind the fact  that the same Putt-Putt, the next night, nearly mowed down an innocent family of five as they unsuspectedly dined outside Soarin' over California! But I digress.) Anyway, the handicap lane was really fast and the family got to have a whole boat to ourselves for our own little singalong!

As night falls on our Thanksgiving festivities, we realize, WE REALLY have a LOT to be thankful for.

Goodnight Uncle Walt!

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