Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh La La! - Paris at last!

Parlez vous, then leave!

Oh those French! Our tour guide was extremely rude and obnoxious! He informed us
that France is know for it's perfume, the Eiffel tower, the tour de France, fashion and great paintings (among other things!)
He introduced us to some great works of art...

And some great artists...

You can be a great artist too!
La Parfumerie

...then it was off to a Paris Parfumerie. It takes a super sniffer to be a great perfume maker.

We had to see how sensitive our nose was by trying to identify different scents. Some not so nice!

The little guys had to match scents to the numbers on the jar.

The bigger kids had to guess what each scent was with no help.

Paris Couture

The kids were divided into two fashion houses. Each house chose from a pile of dressmaking materials (wrapping paper, newspaper, garbage bags, yarn, string etc.). They had 30 minutes to create a high fashion design for the runway. They chose a model from their team and then each remaining member took a specific task.

The House of Merrill

Cutting the "fabric".

Making the pattern

It's all about the footwear!...

...and the details!
The House of Danii

Peek a-boo fabric is all the rage!

Our jeweler is chowing down on the "beads".

Accessories make the outfit!

Oh, and once again, the footwear!

The Runway Show

The house of Merrill's "Rock Star" fashion

The judges said, "Great concept, excellent details, the workmanship leaves something to be desired!"

The House of Danii's "Futuristic Princess"

The judges said, "Stunning visual effect, fashion forward thinking, a little risque!"

Let's hear it for the designers!

The House of Danii

The House of Merrill

Paris Fashion Week

The models looked so glamorous, the designers decided to take a little turn on the catwalk, on the catwalk!
The teams competed in a fashion relay. They had to don hat, boa, heels and a purse then run (or hobble) to a mirror, find their lipstick, apply it and then run back and tag the next "model".
Walkin' the walk!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Merrill has a career in modeling for Revlon, I just feel it!

The French Market
The teams signed up for the Tour de France and cycled around the streets of Paris while the marketplace was being set up. When they returned, each of the cruisers retrieved the money they had inherited from Dear Aunt Agatha. They used this money to purchase their meal that evening, in the French marketplace.

Almost everyone started backwards and bought their desserts first at the Patisserie and Chocolatier.

The diners enjoyed Eiffel Tower suckers, chocolate dipped strawberries, Real French
Macaroons, lace cookies, eclairs, cream puffs, pies and fruit filled croissants.

This shop provided many different breads, drinks, fruits and veggies and chips.

Le Marche served meats, formage (cheese), pizza, and of course corn dogs.

The cruisers took their food and joined their fellow tourists on the grass
beneath the Eiffel tower for a Parisian picnic.


Some passengers returned to the ship with their picnic, and to prepare to sail for
The Land Down Under, can't cha hear, can't cha hear the thunder!

Gramma Luvlee


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