Monday, July 28, 2014

We all scream for ice cream!

Summer is Sweet at Camp GrammaLuvlee! This afternoon we'll feed our faces with all the gooey goodness we can stand! It's time to honor every ones favorite Summer Time Sweet - Ice Cream!

It's the Ice Cream Man!

When my kids were little guys we would visit their Grandma in the big city. One of their most exciting memories was the sound of the Ice Cream Truck as it made it's way down the street. Their Grandpa would always give them money for a frosty treat. To honor that memory, we made our own version of that childhood classic...

The Ice Cream Truck!
It came complete with soda jerk hats, ice cream,
scoops and a cash drawer so they could make change.
The cute ice cream set was from Melissa & Doug.
Once again the boys surprised me and spent as much time in the truck as the little guys did!
What's the Scoop - Game
Divide into two teams. Each team tries to scoop up their flavor of ice cream. The scoopers is blindfolded and is directed by  a team member. They scoop up the ice cream with grabbers.
The first team to get all of their scoops into the cone is the winner.
The Drive-in Movies
Another thing of the past is the Drive-in movie. Our parents would haul us out to the car in our jammies and off we'd go to the Pioneer Drive-In. We'd hook the speaker to the window of our car or sometimes we would take the pick up and all lay out on blankets in the back.. If we were real lucky we might get a Squeezy (Italian Ice) at intermission. But usually mom brought along popcorn she popped at home.
The kids designed cars for the movie later that night. These guys are going in a stretch limo!
The little guys tried to explain what they wanted,
and the big buddies helped with hot glue, cutting and painting.
Ice Cream Truck Decals
Gramma Luvlee

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