Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy "Glam"-pers!

Throwing Hawks

Papa taught the campers the fine art of hawk chucking. He taught them about proper stance...
...and distance.
One of the biggest tricks of throwing a tomahawk accurately is getting the proper distance from your target. It's not a long distance activity. To throw a tomahawk, start with your back at the target, as if you were in a old-timey duel. Mark off five normal steps and turn abruptly, squaring yourself up with the target.
  • Mark the spot in your target area so you won't have to count if off every time you want to throw. Mark a line in the dirt with your toe, or with sticks to make it easy on yourself.
Our Feathered Friends- Owl Craft
This cute little owl craft came from Family Fun Magazine. It was way easy to do and came together quickly. The instructions are found here.
All the girls got girlie pink trailers filled with make-up, facials, nail polish, compass and flashlight.
The adorable goodie box is by Claudine Hellmuth and can be purchased here.
Glamour Trailer tag
I put the girls names on the back and attached it to the trailer with a pink bakers twine.

Camping Cuisine 
Dinner included fresh trout caught that morning.
Also on the menu: hot dogs, potato salad, chips, bear claws, campfire logs (pirouette cookies), trail mix, maple leaf cookies, frogs on a log (Gummy frogs on a Hi Ho) and lemonade.
After dinner everyone filled their bait cups with goodies from the tackle box.
The tackle box included reels(marshmallow between two chocolate covered Oreo's), fish sugar cookies, chocolate fish and bobbers, gummy worms, gummy insects and Swedish Fish. 
Glamour Camp Spa Time
We originally planned time for the girls spa while the boys were off doing some manly camping stuff. But just like with their UNDECORATED tent, the boys were kinda ticked off that they didn't get spa time. So that night everyone had facials and pedicures. We all feel pretty!!!
Promoting "Brotherly" love!
We love how those facials remove all that dead skin!
(This is giving me some great ideas for next years spooky treasure hunt!)
Super Spa-Girl!
Gramma Luvlee


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