Saturday, July 19, 2014

School Daze! - Wrappin' up school


To test their mad math skills the kids played Flower Power Math, a relay where each team was given a math equation that they had to figure out. They then had to gather that number of flowers in a basket.
For our spelling test we had an exciting game of Pictionary.
Every one's favorite time in the school day is always recess. Last year we taught them some long lost pass times like marbles. This year I expanded on that and they learned how to play Chinese Jump rope, Yo yo's, Jacks, Double Dutch, pick up sticks and hopscotch. I was really sad that we didn't get to Cootie Catchers and those cool clapping games we used to do. There's always next year!


I was pretty sure the girls would really like hopscotch. What I didn't count on was the boys. They loved it!!! They couldn't get enough of it. Every time they had a free moment we could find them out front, hopscotching in a very loud and boisterous manner!
In elementary school we sped through our lunch (Usually a tuna fish sandwich and a bag of Frito's. I didn't like Frito's but they could usually get you a Hostess Sno Ball or maybe a cookie in a swap!) so that we could get a coveted spot on the shaded sidewalks between the classrooms. The girl lined up and played jacks, while the boys played marbles or tops. After 40 some odd years I still had the knack and was able to impress my granddaughters with my jacks skills! It was harder than they thought! 
Chinese Jump Rope
Double Dutch
Not Double Dutch but still pretty impressive! He needs to challenge his
football team mates to a hopscotch or Double Dutch contest!
Final Quiz
Just to make their parents squirm a little, I came up with this little quiz to show the campers that maybe their parents (and grandparents) were normal kids once too! They had to ask a question, one at a time and if it was true that person signed it. And now they have written proof
Cafeteria Cuisine
Before camp everyone called in to the LunchLady and let her know what their favorite Cafeteria meal is. She then lovingly prepared and with the help of her illustrious staff, served them their ideal meals!

Each students tray was served with a lotta sass and an ice cream scoop!
Danii can't wait for her famous shredded turkey & peas
Thanks Lunch Ladies! It was a fine dining experience!

Report Cards!

In our household, kids were bribed with everything from a Dollar for every A to a trip to Disneyland for straight A's! (We never went!) Alas, these Grandstudents of mine were promised a trip to the "You're One Smart Cookie" Cookie bar for straight A's. Can you believe it?!! Everyone brought home the coveted straight A report card!!! Congratulations smartie pants!


Report Card Template
"You"re One Smart Cookie" Cookie Bar

Gramma Luvlee

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