Thursday, July 24, 2014

3rd Day- Life's just "Beachy"

At our house if everything is going good, we say things are just peachy! So the 3rd day of camp was a play on that phrase and our day was just "Beachy"! This day was a wet & wild water day.

Bike Wash

Later in the day the campers will be taking their bikes out for a spin. So in preparation for this special excursion they had to spiff them up at the "Bike Wash".
Although the bike wash was just an excuse to get wet, they took me at my word and everyone dutifully scrubbed and dried their bikes...
...then somebodies sponge "accidentally" hit somebody and the free for all began!
Sponge Brigade Game

  1. First, divide players into two teams and have the members of each team lie down side by side, alternating directions as shown.
  2. Place a bucket of water near the head of each line.
  3. Have the first player on each team hold a large, soaked sponge with her feet. At "Go," the teams use their feet to pass their sponge down the line and back. If a player drops the sponge, he may sit up to recover it but can use only his feet to get it back into the game.
  4. The first team to get their sponge into the bucket wins 
Call the Plumber! Game
Our pipes have sprung a leak! Each team filled up a cup (with holes punched in it) with water then passed it head over head. The Last player dumped it in a bucket  then ran it back to the head of the line. This continued until one team filled their bucket.
 Sharp Shooters
The target
Papa drilled hole in a board and inserted golf tees. Ping Pong balls were balanced on each tee.
Posh Picnic
The campers were told to mount their bikes. They were given a map with a course marked on it. They were given safety instructions and off they went (with one anxious mama unobtrusively trailing behind!). Unfortunately there are no pictures of this glorious ride because Mama was too busy making sure no one was squashed!
Our spread included a meat and cheese board, peaches, grapes, chicken salad in croissants, pasta salad, fruit salad, bread, eclairs, brownie, mini Martinelli's and sparkling lemonade.

We lunched at the side of a pond.

Gramma Luvlee

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