Monday, July 21, 2014

2nd Day - Happy Campers Are We!

 It's time for our first lesson in Summer fun, Camping! We were greeted by our very enthusiastic and oh so sincere Camp Counselor, Violet (named after her most favorite flower of course!). She was in complete rapture as she showed us around Camp and pointed out each tiny detail in the local flora and fauna!
Dear Violet
Violet led us to the Camp Site were we were greeted to the sight
 of our lovely accommodations for the remainder of our stay.
The Girlies Glamour Camp Headquarters...
...complete with Moroccan Lanterns, colorful drapes, bright pillows, rugs and plenty of stars!
Beautiful "Glam"-pers!
The Boys' Tent site- They were bummed out that they didn't get their residence decorated!
 But we did provide them with an authentic forest fire in the background and the constant smell of a campfire and smoke!

Papa went on ahead of the campers to get the poles ready for their arrival.
We heard that there was some astounded looks from the other fishermen when
Papa proceeded to unload and bait up 14 poles all by himself!
 Some of our campers were lucky enough to be right there when Game & Fish showed up to stock the stream with trout. At the invitation of a very friendly employee, the kids climbed right up on his tanker truck and viewed the hundreds of fish up close and personal.
He emptied net after net into the stream, each time letting the children touch
 the fish and even letting them help to empty the net.


The fish were so lethargic and not biting, so some of our anglers put
down their poles and relied on their lightening fast reflexes!
And those reflexes served them well!
After a stream side picnic we headed home to see
what other adventures GrammaLuvlee had in store for us!
Gramma Luvlee

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