Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 4 -When life gives you lemons

Lemonade Stands

Summer is a great time to generate a little extra spending cash with a part time job! The campers got that opportunity as they became lemonade entrepreneurs. The two teams were provide with a lemonade stand frame and the supplies to stock it. They had to come up with the business plan.
They had to:
Decide where the best location would be
Ask permission from owners
Determine cost of products
Maintain good hygiene for a safe product
All the income will be used to pay for lunch at the restaurant that the winning team picks!

Packaging Products
Decorating the stand 
Finding the perfect location (shade was a must!)
Setting up shop 
Advertising ...
Social Media came in handy!
Good salesmanship - the first customer!
After a slow (and discouraging) start, things picked up and they made enough money so that everyone ate Chinese food for lunch! The outcome, (besides full bellies) was the unanimous decision that no one wanted to sell lemonade for their lifelong career !
Gramma Luvlee

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