Monday, July 14, 2014

Camp GrammaLuvlee 2014 - Summer's Cool (an education in Summer fun)

It' that time of year again. It's time for the one and only
Camp GrammaLuvlee!
This year's theme is "Summer's Cool" (a play on Summer School)
an education in Summer fun
The Invitations
The invitations were strategically placed on tables in the various family homes. Upon entering, the children were greeted by the grating sound of a school bell ringing and then the melodious introduction to that classic anthem to school children everywhere: Schools Out by Alice Cooper!
The invitation included a School Bus filled with ABC cookies. The pattern is found here.
Rolo pencils with the instructions found here. A slate with licorice chalk I found at World Market. A folder with the invites and a  fake green apple.
The folder was made by cutting and folding a double sided 12 X 12 piece of printed cardstock.
Summer's Cool Invitation
End of Camp Party Invitation
The Swag Bags
Two weeks after receiving the invitations the much anticipated swag bags arrived. Each family found an official Gramma Luvlee High School duffle with all the goodies crammed inside.
 The contents included: The official 2014 T-shirts, a reward poster for the Spooky Treasure Hunt, Smartie Pants Smartie Holders, ABC Snacks, White boards and all sorts of school supplies.
Snack Header for Carmel Apple Suckers
Snack Header for Ball shaped chocolates
Snack Header for mini cookies

Boy's T-Shirt Design (My husbands old class picture)
Girls T-Shirt Design (my old class picture)
Smartie pants template
Gramma Luvlee

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