Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drive-In Meal and a movie

After driving their souped up autos into the drive-in, the buddies took each others orders. They were offered standard drive-in fare: hamburgers, hot dogs, corndogs, fries, nachos, pretzels and burritos.

May I take your order?
The kids enjoyed their drive -in dinner and watched The Lego Movie outside.
I used my photo backdrop frame and a canvas drop cloth for the screen.
Ice Cream Parlor
 Nutter Butter ice cream cones
  Ice cream sugar cookies
Ice cream marshmallows, ice cream flavored taffy and gumballs
We pre-scopped and froze different flavors of ice cream to make it easier to serve a lot
 of kids at once. We scooped ice cream into paper cupcake wrappers and froze them.
 The kids peeled them off and put them into their bowls and added toppings. A lot of toppings!!!
Everyone ate until they were sick. Success!!!
Hard ice cream parlor scramble word game
Easy ice cream scramble word game
Treat boxes were filled with ice cream noveltys and treats.
The treat box is from Claudine Hellmuth and is found here.
These little marshmallow cones were found at Big Lots.
Marshmallow treat topper
I used the little jewelry bags found in the craft dept. at Walmart.
The marshmallows are from Kraft and are a Summer special flavor.
Gramma Luvlee

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