Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back 2 "Cool"

Classes Begin
 Face Book Final
I explained to the students how Year Books sometimes were nicknamed Face Books. They then took a test to see how many aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents and great grandparents they could identify from their school pictures. The older kids completely guessed, the younger matched names to pictures.
Science Class 
For science lab we did several experiments and explained the hows and whys of the action. One of the favorites was Elephant Toothpaste with the instructions found here.
Naked Eggs was also popular but a little slow. We checked the progress each day.
The instructions are found here.
 Physics Class
Each team was given marshmallows and bendy straws. With them they had to construct a bridge.
Team A's masterpiece
Team B's structure
Marble Runs

Team B's Marble Run
Using cardboard tubes, the teams must make the longest or most complicated run for a marble.
Team A's Most Complicated - and it actually worked!
P. E. 
 The Coach was back to teach the kids the basics of some favorite childhood games.
Jump Rope
The favorite was Dodge Ball with Papa teaching them the basics.
 Then it was lunch Time!


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