Monday, July 15, 2013

Check It Out-A Literary Adventure

The Invites

We are a family of readers so it was natural to have a library theme for Camp GrammaLuvlee this year. Each family received their own invitation/book informing them of each days' adventures.

I ordered the books through Snapfish.
I made cute library pockets from scrapbook paper and
included some of the info on the check-out cards.
The first page featured the covers of two of the most romantic books of all time...

"Romeo & Juliet"...

and "Gone with the Wind".

Next we join the 12th Street School on their wacky field trip to the farm in
"The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash."
Next we visit the Woodland Fairies as we explore Gramma's favorite book from her childhood
"The Big Book of Fairies".
Max, a little boy with a wild imagination has been disciplined and sent to his room. Feeling unjustly accused and misunderstood, he sails off to the land
"Where the Wild Things Are".
"Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs"
The town of Chew and Swallow is being buried under a downpour of food.
 Can you help them out?
"Caps for Sale"
This is a classic story beloved by children for over fifty years. Join the peddler as
he tries to sell his caps and outsmart some mischievious monkeys.
"The Spooky Old Tree"
Three little bears. One with a ...
one with a rope...
...and one with a stick.
 They dared go into that spooky old tree.
How about you?!!!
"Petite Rouge Riding Hood"
Sweet little Petite Rouge is travelin' through the swamp to deliver
some shrimp etouffe to her poor sick Grandmere.
When who should she happen to meet?
Tha's right. It's that mean old Claude and he's plannin' on eatin' her fer lunch!
Well, Old Claude done picked out the wrong little Cajun girl to tussle with.
Petite Rouge is made of strong stuff, tha's fer sure!
Next join a bored little girl named Alice as she tumbles
down a rabbit hole and into the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll's
"Alice in Wonderland".
Join Alice in her adventures with ...
The Queen of Hearts and...
of course the quirky and ever so slightly "Mad Hatter".
Now it's time to join everyone's favorite physician,
"Dr. Seuss"!
Everyone's favorite...
The Cat in the Hat
Thing one and Thing Two!
and my personal favorite
"Mr. Brown Can Moo!"
 starring my cute little hubby, Mr. Brown of course!
"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn"
These classic tales showcase the escapades and pranks of two young friends in 1800's Missouri.
Join them as they witness a murder in a graveyard, hunt for buried treasure, away from home and even attend their own funeral.
What a perfectly pleasent way to spend a summer afternoon!
"Little House on the Prairie"
We'll join Mary and all the Ingall's family as they try to survive in the Midwest in the 1800's.
We'll help Mary with her chores and then she'll teach us the games of her childhood.
I hope you'll join me soon at
"The GrammaLuvlee Public Library".
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  2. Pace said to comment, "Camp Gramma Luvlee" was the best! I am SO coming next year! Booya!"
    You are cute momma!

  3. I love the Gone With the Wind and Romeo and Juliet covers! You are too cute Fonda! ;)