Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You can fly!

Getting Our Wings

After building our fairy houses we were delighted to hear the tinkling sounds of fairy music and to witness the appearance of a beautiful Woodland Fairy!

She told us it was time to "Get our fairy on" and directed us to a fairy workroom complete with wings, flowers, headbands and tutus for the girls and elf hats for the guys.
Our Transformation-Fairy Portraits
The Autumn Fairy
The Spring Fairy
The Summer Fairy
The Winter Fairy
The Flower Fairy
The Water Fairy
The Garden Fairy
The Elf Gang
The whole gang

A Woodland Fairy Feast
Boiled eggs with a scooped out roma tomato
Babybel tulips and meringue mushrooms
Acorns made from mini Nilla Wafers, Kisses & butterscotch chips
Fairy Feast Food Tags
After cutting these out of tan card stock I glued some
of the edges and sprinkled on crushed dried moss.
Dancing in the Fairy Ring

The girls danced in the fairy ring to magical fairy music. The boys wouldn't have anything to do with it until I told them that you receive fairy protection and magical powers when you dance.
You can see the fairy protection surrounding them as they started to dance.
Once I showed them the pictures of the magic happening then they really busted out the fairy moves!
Goodnight my little elves & fairies!

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  1. Adorable! - As always! LOVE every detail you put into the party!

  2. Really cute party. Pinned:) I posted DIY Doily Jacket to StringTownHome:)