Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fairies and Elves

My favorite book as a child was The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies. I spent hours looking at the lovely pictures and dreaming of fairyland. I wanted my grandchildren to have that same magical experience and to spend a few moments stepping into my "Rather Vivid" imagination.
Woodland Scavenger Hunt
We went out into the woods on a scavenger hunt and to find building materials for an elf or fairy house. Each child was given a handled paper bag with a twig pencil attached by twine. On the front of each bag was this list of items to find.
Woodland Scavenger Hunt Bag
Woodland Scavenger Hunt List
The big buddies were great at keeping track of their little
 buddies and helping them collect their items. 
The squirrels, deer and rabbits were paper silhouettes.
 (Although we did see a real deer, but it was rather difficult stuffing him into the bag!) 
After filling our bags we filled our bellies with some "Woodland Twigs" and "Squirrel Food".

Squirrel Food Treat Topper- snack bag Ziploc size
Twigs Pretzel Snack Treat Topper
Fairy House Building
Papa cut out little doors and glued them on the front of the bird/fairy houses...
and the campers individualized them.
The Finished Masterpieces


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