Friday, July 26, 2013

A hoedown in the barn!

Barn Raising

Each team was given a box of Lincoln Logs, a family of peg people and farm animals. They selected a building site then tried to make the most imaginative prairie homestead they could.

Team ones two-storied log cabin has an attached animal enclosure for winter convenience.
 This lovely acreage comes complete with stock pond, corrals and a friendly tribe nearby.
This quaint little cabin nestled in a lush meadow has all the amenities a Prairie family could hope for. Along with ample animal pens the property contains a rock path and a stock pond that can be easily converted into a swimming hole as needed.
Oleson's Mercantile


All the kid's back-breaking work paid off when they were able to take their hard earned pennies to Oleson's Mercantile (the only store in town). They were able to stock up on all the provisions a prairie child dreamed of.
Decisions, decisions!
A Prairie Feast
My daughter Jori decorated for this night using my Grandma's old quilt.
My Grandpa was a camp cook for cattle drives, his speciality being light and fluffy
 dutch oven biscuits. My Grandkids ate dinner on his old enamel camp dishes.
Homemade bread and butter was a crowd pleaser that night.
Pa's lemonade was served in enamel cups each camper got to take home.
Gramma's chicken and noodles fueled our energy for the...
Barn Dance!
We danced to the sounds of Pa's fiddle music. He played all of our favorites.
That night we slept like rocks!

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  1. LOVE the hoedown pictures! They turned out adorable! What cute pioneer kids we have, if I must say so myself!