Friday, July 19, 2013

Library Lunch & Games

After a scary trip through the Spooky Old Tree, a nice calm lunch was in order. How many books can you think of that have food in the title or as a theme? We thought of so many, we had to start eliminating or our lunch would have been a feast!
Blueberries for Sal - Blueberry muffins
Jellybeans for breakfast
Rainbow Fish - Rainbow crackers
Rabbits Carrots & Dip
The Three Little Pigs - Mini Pigs in a Blanket (mini corn dogs)
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Cookies & Milk
Poohs P-Nut Butter & Honey Sandwiches
Sam's Green Eggs & Ham Sandwiches
Bread and Jam for Francis
The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Fruit Stand
And Pete's a Pizza-Pizza Pieces
A Very Hungry Camper!
Library Lunch Templates 1
Library Lunch Template 2
Let The Games Begin!
Each camper was asked to bring their favorite book to share. They were then told that their parents had favorite books too, and that they were going to play a game to see who could get the most parental favorites right. It wasn't as easy as they thought since I manipulated the pictures their parents had sent.
Only one camper got all ten correct!
Here's a sampling of
"The Parental Favorites"
Book Charades
Next we played a rousing game of charades using only book titles.
Are You My Mother?
After reading this story of a baby bird who is separated from it's mother, we made an edible craft of chow mein noodle bird nests with mini Cadbury Eggs and Peeps. Then we made cute little birds in a nest from paper plates.
The nest was a regular sized flimsy paper plate and the birds were made from small plates that they rolled and stapled into cones. You can find the instructions at Danielle's Place.
Animal Family Match Game

Big Kid's Animal Family Match Game
Little Kids Animal Family Match Game
The little guys cut out pictures of the different animals and glued them in the blank spaces.
Animal images for match game
Each child got a strip of these pictures to cut out and glue on their match game.
Stone Soup Supper
After reading the classic tale of Stone Soup I put my own stone in a pot of hot water and invited the campers to stay for supper.

Stone Soup Starter Kit
Taking their clue from the story, they asked if they could add more. They were able to add anything they wanted from the pantry shelves, spice cupboard and fridge. They had to prep any item they added.
We had some really good food during the week, but I must say this Stone Soup was right up their with the very best. Oh course we could never replicate it again, so alas it is only a pleasant memory!
T- Is For Touchdown!
The kid's had a little down time and got together a fast paced football game. Some of the adults even joined in! And of course their were some very pretty cheerleaders!
Yeah for our team!


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