Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let's go to the library and The Spooky Old Tree

                                                            Let's Go To The Library!
The Buddies!
Everyone needs a buddy and this years partners were exceptional! The big buddy fixed their little buddy breakfast, kept them close by at all times, helped them with their crafts and some even got them ready in the morning and fixed their hair!!!
Merrill and his buddy Jordin
Danii and her happy buddy Katie!
Asher and his big buddy, Kamryn.
Korbi did double duty with Shea and Lauren as her buddies.
Co-buddies Tuff and Rex
Co -buddies Jett and Pace
The library patrons were thrilled beyond measure to meet the head Librarian ...
...the one and only, Gramma Luvlee!
She gave them the rules and regulations of GrammaLuvlee Public Library
then lead them to the reading nook for the first book of the day.
This lovely reading nook was constructed by my ever so talented daughter Mandy. It was finally erected in the barn after an hour of gale force winds that we call a slight breeze here in our windy little valley. Not quite the ethereal and magical vision we had in mind but at least it stayed in one piece! Once we all took our places we read...
"The Spooky Old Tree."
The three little bears dared go into the spooky old tree. How about you?!!
Three little bears...
One with a light, one with a rope and one with a stick.
Do they dare go into the spooky old tree?
Yes, they dare!!
The spooky old tree on the deck was imagined by me, framed by papa and chicken wired, mached and painted by Trevor. My intrepid counselors caught my vision and hung tons of black plastic sheeting on most of the windows in my house. They made halls and separated rooms with it. As the kids crawled through the tree they were greeted with spooky sounds on the stereo. They crawled through a black kids play tunnel that had nylon streamers hanging down in it. They then climbed step stools( the twisty old stairs) went across a rickety table then down more stairs. Then did they dare go into that spooky old hall?
Of course it was pitch black and there were all kinds of creepy sounds going on. They went through three at a time just like the bears in the story. This room was barely lit by fake candles. Their were castle banners hanging on the other side of the room and the soldier came to life at the appropriate time.
Getting a little "Freaked Out".

We had to turn on the lights for some of our little bears!
Great sleeping bear.
Do they dare go over great sleeping bear?
As they came under the flap in this room the little bear's flashlight hit great sleeping bear and he looked pretty darn spooky! There was a soundtrack of snoring and as they got enough courage to step over, the soundtrack changed to a huge growl and the bear woke up and the little bears tore out for home!
How will they ever get out of there?
Up a ladder, through the floor...
...down a slide and out the door!
Papa built a staircase and platform with a little slide attached so they could slide right out of the "Spooky Old Tree"!
Three little bears running fast. Home again, safe at last!
Even though most of them screamed their heads off, ALL of them wanted to do it again!
The Spooky Old Tree

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  1. Jordin said she loved spooky old tree. But not in your house. :)