Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun & games in Wonderland

Wonderland Relay

The kid's practiced their Mad Tea party skills in this relay. They were divided into two teams.

The first one in each team donned a lovely Alice wig...
then on go, they...
raced through the rabbit hole (Play tunnels).
Some raced so fast their hair literally blew off! 
They ran to the table marked "Eat Me",...
and without using their hands they had to eat a marshmallow.
I found out a lot of my luvlee's hate and/or gag on marshmallows!
Who knew?!!
Next they ran to a table marked "Drink Me".
They poured a cup of "TEA" and then ...

went back through the tunnel.
They poured their tea into a container.
 The team that reached the line on their container first was the winner.
Croquet With The Queen
We all know how much our beloved queen loves croquet. It turns out our campers loved it too!

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