Friday, April 12, 2013


Hoppin' Over For Lunch

Instead of hiding eggs full of candy, this year we hid the kid's lunch. We made very sure that each  & every egg was found. Opening an egg with week old ham and cheese would be a GREAT surprise!
We filled the Jumbo sized eggs with mini crackers, cubed ham, cubed cheese, sliced apples, mini corn dogs, grapes, cubed granola bars, mini fruit roll ups and mini cookies.
He is Risen!
We talked about the Crucifixion of Jesus and how he rose from the tomb on the third day. The kids each made their own tomb with the resurrected Saviour inside. We cut a heavyweight paper plate in half and hot glued it together with the bottoms facing out.
We cut a hole for the door and cut a stone out of another plate to roll away from the door. They painted the stone and the tomb and cut out grass and flowers from card stock.
After drying the tomb, they glued on the grass and flowers and attached
the stone to the side of the door with a brass paper fastener.
When the stone was rolled away the Resurrected Saviour was revealed. This little 3 year old loved the story of Christ's Resurrection so much that he told it to everyone in his family, over and over!
The resurrected Christ

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  1. Lunch eggs -- what a cute idea! Especially appropriate for those grandchildren who can't eat too many sweets!