Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanksgiving with Uncle Walt

For some strange reason I have very few memories of my childhood. The ones that I do have and that are vivid are tied to the handful of pictures taken of me as a child. I know that we went to California almost every summer but I only recall bits and pieces of events that happened there. Some of  those happy but slightly faded memories are of Disneyland. I decided that since my memories tend to be visually stirred up into remembrance, I would dutifully chronicle our times together so that no one's magical days will slip away.

Our Favorite Uncle, Walt!

The Gough Family

The Johnson Family

When you go through the gates and you step onto Main Street you step into Christmas. Every shop, every lamp post , even the trolleys and horse drawn wagons are overflowing with decorations. The smells of Christmas are on the air, smells of pine and candy canes and gingerbread. In the  backgound, behind the chatter of happy families, are the songs of the holidays playing softly from the speakers.

Even the Haunted Mansion takes on a slightly sinister but festive air!
 ( The one drawback of Chrismas at Disneyland is that the Haunted Mansion becomes the home of the Nightmare before Christmas. I miss seeing my more familiar familiars!)

Of all the "Lands", I love Adventureland best. I love the deatils the Imagineers have placed in every single shop, ride and even bathroom! It's exotic and strange and appeals to my frustrated sense of adventure!

Another thing I KINDA miss is waiting in lines. Don't get me wrong, Fass Pass is great and Ryan IS the Fast Pass King but I loved discovering all the quirky elements and trivial details that really showcase the Imagineers sense of fun and humor. I guess that's why I still enjoy the slower paced, not so in demand Jungle Cruise. You can take your time and look around and enjoy the experience.

Pixie Hollow
Pace & Shea have a real love for the Tinkerbell movies so they were very excited to travel to Pixie Hollow where Tink and all her friends reside. Little did we know that this was the Big Ticket attraction this year. We waited in line longer to see the fairies than we did for any other ride. Some of the waiters got a wee bit grumpy, but the little guys met their fairy friends, they sprinkled us with some happiness inducing pixie dust and all was well in the end!

Pace liked meeting Rosetta...

...but when we got into Tinks neck of the woods he disappeared.

That's when we discovered why the wait is so long at Pixie Hollow. Feisty little Tink showed her tender side and went and found Pace hiding because he was totally in awe of her. She took the time to get down on his level, then she teased, coaxed and cajoled and got this starstruck little boy to come out of his shell and enjoy a magical moment with her.

He has a MAJOR Tinkerbell crush now!

Thrill seekers all!
Thrill seekers come in all shapes and sizes. I've spent a lifetime being afraid to try new things so I can sympathize with those you aren't quite so daring. What may seem like fun to one, wells up and practically chokes another. Our little thrill seekers get to try their wings at Disneyland and push their boundaries. We encourage them to try something new each time we go and little by little we conquer our fears!

Jett goes through life "Full speed ahead" with his arms thrown in the air in reckless abandon. He loves California Screamin', Space Mountain, Big Thunder Railraoad and being in the front seat on Splash Mountain!

Rex, his slightly older brother takes life a little more seriously. He's a thinker who analizes the risk involved and the outcome of his actions. (That means that like me, he's a chicken!)

He contemplates overcoming his fears on...

...Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggy Buggys!

Merrill, Kamryn and Korbi are united in their thrill seeking pursuits. Fast and furious is their motto!

Although Kamryn began to second guess her ride choice...

...she came back down to earth with a huge smile plastered on her face and ran back in line to do it again!

Danii on the other hand is content to face her fears on the extreme thrill ride...

...Jumpin' Jellyfish!

Danii did the unthinkable later on and really overcame her worst fears and nightmares by riding the Tower of Terror, and she has a t-shirt to prove it (thanks to her Papa dearest who trudged back with her later that 
 night to the only shop that sells them!).

Danii the honorary Green Army Guy


We are Thankful! Thankful to be a family and thankful to have
the means to make these wonderful memories together!

And with that we close the chapter on another great Thanksgiving.
Thanks again Uncle Walt and Cousin Mickey! Can't wait to see you next time!

Gramma Luvlee

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