Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's get creepy!

Fall is in the air so Halloween can't be far behind. Don't you just love getting creepy!

Jett participates in the traditional "Eating of the pumpkin guts!"

Party At Gramma's

Jett's foray in the costume box brought out the cowboy in him.

Who's your Mummy?

A living doll and someone dressed up like a hunter.

Our Ghastly Feast
Vampire Bites, Mozarella & carrot fingers & donut hole eyeballs

Turkey meatloaf graves on mashed potatoes with breadcrumb dirt,
 cracker headstones and mashed potato ghosts

"The worms crawl in" pudding

The kids tried to throw candy corn into buckets while their dad & papa did a hootchie coo dance to Halloween songs.
It was a little easier to make a basket on the floor.

What a "Treat" my grandkids are!

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